1. IIRC, in Legends the reason Tattooine was a desert planet was that the Rakata glassed it in the pre-Republic days.

  2. Apparently the jawas are the original inhabitants of Tattooine who fled underground when the Rakata glassed the planet. They lived underground so long they evolved into strange mole people.

  3. If video games have thought me anything, you can interact with that spot

  4. As someone who used to work at McDonald’s, they do not give a crap. They would put as many ingredients as physically possible on that burger.

  5. Makes sense. After the republic became the empire, they started generalizing equipment instead of having a tone of different specialized troops for everything

  6. You'd think so if there weren't a billion sub categories of storm trooper, like what the hell is a patrol trooper? Can a normal storm fellow not walk along a road for 5 hours?

  7. Exactly. Stormtroopers became the standard trooper for all scenarios. All they needed to do was give more training on the basics of different scenarios suck as fighting in extreme cold, extreme heat or underwater. By doing so, the empire greatly reduced the logistics needed to expose their will on the galaxy by only having one trooper for all scenarios.

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