1. Did you read Dr Ts statements that I linked though?

  2. My buddy has that same shoe rack, my drunk ass stumbled over it last night after too many Guinness, guess i’ll take a trip to my store 💙

  3. I got the same fucking email from gme, very sus. I mean i bought a switch there last fall but this is the first email since.

  4. at this point, i don’t even know what the fuck is going on 👍🏻

  5. bought a 0DTE at midday and saw a reversal, bought at 23 sold at 27

  6. Projected revenue of $5.6B in 2023 and $4.8B in '24 compiled with estimates of -11.47 EPS in '23 and -5.93 in '24 aren't doing the stock any favors.

  7. Just got 100 more, said i would stop but i can’t. Either way, the whole market is about to tank, this isn’t as regarded as some may think.


  9. can’t go much further down than here, Buy Low Sell High! we might actually get it right!

  10. this is all such a joke😂 like someone would sell now but a few weeks ago at $7 not😂 hold hold hold

  11. i refused to sell at $7, we all know this is going much higher, it’s just a matter of being patient

  12. how are those almond butter bars? my wife keeps talking about nut butter

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