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  1. Nah, he just doesn’t drink it. Never trust a dealer who don’t try his own product.

  2. Shoots Such a shame this man killed himself with 5 rounds to the back. A tragedy.

  3. Walt Disney has to be one of the most creative, eat minis I have ever seen

  4. Does she have a husband by any chance?

  5. The idea of putting a bath bomb in before suicide is just… chefs kiss

  6. I really don’t see what you’re implying. Think your minds just in the gutter, pal.

  7. Thank you! It was definitely inspired by Walt and his own slow death caused by cancer and overworking himself. I’d love to know the story behind the Ayn Rand part, though. As an English teacher, I’m aware and have read her work, but it’s been years.

  8. Nah, we’ve had the briefcase for awhile. It’s hard to notice though since it been there awhile and therefore is pretty far down on the list.

  9. this is NICE 10/10 work. would you mind sharing the link to this :D???

  10. Thank you so much again for being understanding and sending me the modified masks. Thank you.

  11. I get major Final Fantasy VII Barrett vibes from DK here, I feel like those two would get along over their mutual father figure / mentor / leader vibes.

  12. You’re right, it wasn’t the only way. It was however the only way to end the war without sacrificing thousands, if not millions more American soldiers, Japanese soldiers, and civilians of Japan and countries captured by the Japanese. It was a choice that we had to make. A choice that risked millions of possible lives in exchange for an estimated 215, 000. War is horrible and it will always cost lives, but we can limit those lost. Look at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Imagine how much more violent the fighting on the main land would be if that was just leading up to it? Yes, what was done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki was horrible, but it was choice made for the greater good.

  13. Have you considered reading into the matter at all? I know you've been fed this "the only other option was a full scale invasion of Japan" bs your whole life, but like, read a book. Even the commander of the Pacific fleet called it a mistake and unneeded.

  14. Well, considering I’m an English teacher, I think I’ve read quite a few of them, but thanks for the advice. My great uncle was there not only when Pearl Harbor was bombed but also when Iwo Jima was invaded. His PTSD from those two events alone is more than enough for me to say that I don’t think millions more American soldiers should have gone through that, but again, thanks for the advice. I don’t know you, and you clearly don’t know me, but my guess is you don’t know anyone in the military and especially not anyone who served in WW2. People can tell you a lot more than books ever will.

  15. Up in Proverbs, girl. Right around 18:5. Ain’t about that “overthrowin’ the righteous in judgement” life, baby.

  16. That's my Santa's name too lol, does he by chance have a son named Chris?

  17. 🤓Contrary to popular belief Abraham Lincoln did not wear a top part🤓

  18. Actually, he wore the hat very often and own several. So much so he kept documents within them. They made him taller, protected a man of his large height from the weather, and help him emphasize anger or humbleness. There aren’t many pictures of him wearing it because it was common in that day to take off such things for portraits (which can refer to photos or paintings). His hat is currently in the possession of the Smithsonian.

  19. Thank you for giving more context And this was a stupid mistake on my part

  20. It's a great story, and you gave the characters justice. Very well done!

  21. These are EXCELLENT! The transition from Jacob Marley to his ghost was cool as heck. I also really adore your Bob Cratchit, he looks very kind.

  22. Thank you! I’m very proud of my Jacob Marley, and I’m glad you like my Bob Cratchit. He and Tim were the last ones I made, so I was scared they would feel rushed.

  23. Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?

  24. Really? Well I'm from Utica and I've never heard anyone use the phrase Steamed Hams.

  25. Dude! It’s Captain N! (By the way, Duck Hunt was my main for a while)

  26. Oh heck, I hadn't seen this dood. Nice use of the double-mini trick with the hat. We might have enough sports teachers for a full PE Department now. :V

  27. “Read the mug, Perching! World’s Best and that AINT gonna change! Me and my boys are gonna take gold and prove why we get the most funding, and that is a guarantee! In fact, I’d bet good on it!”

  28. That’s the only time I’ve seen the bear head appropriately sized

  29. Only because it uses double minis for the hat, unfortunately

  30. “Electrum! You seen these new freshmen? Ain’t seen anything like ‘em! These kids are smart as hell, one of ‘em summoned a damn ghost in the gym!”

  31. “Lookin good, Scruffy! Though I gotta say, I’ll miss the mustache… and nose!”

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