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  1. Nah, no storm nade because any enhanced storm nade would've stolen warlock storm shaman identity

  2. That's not how it works in this instance.

  3. You will just have a ship invade you, they will rise out of the water. Please stop saying things that are blatantly false!

  4. What’s the opt in for when you just get invaded anyways? Have you played the update yet?

  5. So the skeleton curse is hugely customizable, and the ghost curse is just a filter?

  6. This is just halo 2, I dragged my boy who had never even touched the series through the whole thing on legendary without too much trouble

  7. Seems like a waste to kill him off when he seems so generally beloved.

  8. Luckily that blade should direct most of the blast away from the driver. Won't be fun but definitely survivable.

  9. We'll see how bad it is next week. Challenge system's getting revamped too.

  10. The “anywhere any time” thing suggests that I should be able to play the whole game no matter how many of my friends are online at a time.

  11. It’s an activity designed for 6 people. How is that bullshit? Are you really gonna sit there and whine that you can’t solo a 6 man, mechanically focused activity without shenanigans? The community flourishes with activity because you have to reach out and talk to people if you want to get the big things done, if you want to sit there and cry that you don’t want to use lfg or talk to scary new people then that’s on you.

  12. The community does NOT flourish because you have to LFG. LFG is the most toxic pool of players imaginable. Don't kid yourself.

  13. It is hard content designed for completion by multiple people, and this is somehow anti-consumer. Yeah man nobody ever does raids because everyone is so toxic nothing can be accomplished, that’s why so many sites exist and continue to grow lol the evidence is all around you, you are just sitting here stamping your foot like an whining child “why can’t I do a multiplayer coop activity in a multiplayer game made specifically from the ground up with that in mind by myself with a completely reworked system of mechanics because I don’t want to leave my social bubble”

  14. I'm quite chilled thanks, I'm not sure the Brit in the picture would have found it funny. If you want to take the p**s out of people in the images there's plenty of other subs where you can show how funny you are.

  15. When it comes to infinite, you can say what you want about the story, micro transactions or the terrible “live service” model… but the GAMEPLAY is sublime. The most fun I’ve had playing Halo since Reach in 2010

  16. I would agree with you more if the game functioned properly more than half of the time. In a lot of matches hits didn’t connect or got fiddly. Still don’t understand how people can excuse how many modes are missing.

  17. I'll be the party pooper. This game will suck if it turns into 3rd person top-down Warthunder.

  18. Yes, fire rockets were strong BUT they were patched and could be countered.

  19. Here we go again with the wave of low effort bait posts... Yay...

  20. I'd rather have more interesting armor styles available by playing the game.

  21. Uh… what? The armor set is available with bright dust, only obtainable through gameplay what’s the fuss about

  22. You know what would be cooler? Getting armor for doing challenges during the event. Clearing a GM sub-25. Actually getting master mode raid armor. Literally anything but locking decent looking armor behind a ridiculous amount of bright dust.

  23. Bro play the game 6k is not hard to make at all. I work 6 days a week and even playing sparingly I have more than enough for this fotl and the dawning.

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