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  1. How is this even possible? I am so annoyed right now that I have never seen such deals yet. You are so god damn lucky, damn it.

  2. Ask him to take off the cooler and send you a picture of cpu, I’d love to see which processor it really is. No way is it a 5800X, it looks like a pc from the 2000‘s or something. Or maybe you can check tomorrow.

  3. Have you played Apex Legends before? If not, I would recommend it as a free multiplayer game, because it's quite fun, at least for me.

  4. That might just be because the Max is just that heavy!

  5. or even just really big that the hand can't grip it as well as the smaller iPhone's

  6. You shouldn't be afraid of what other people think of it, other people's opinions do not matter, what matter's is what you think of it, if you like it the color keep it.

  7. Honestly in my opinion that isn't a terrible price, especially if you don't want to build one yourself. If you aren't afraid of building one yourself, I think you could do somewhat better, but all in all for the price, it's not a bad deal I think.

  8. This isn’t a good deal at all really. If you can, return it and get your money back and ask first if it’s a good deal, before you buy anything not after.

  9. Idk why other have many more performance than i have in that game..

  10. It’s probably the single channel ram. Every big YouTuber like JayzTwoCents, recommend dual channel ram, because single channel almost always hurts performance, if I‘m wrong please feel free to correct me.

  11. No no, they just rounded the number from 0.000000000000001% of rain to 0%

  12. This video honestly makes me angry, what was the point in that? Now the little girl is in utter pain after slamming her head against a table leg and OP can’t be bothered to even run to her and take care of her when she is crying and in pain. Honestly this guy is such an asshole and doesn’t deserve any kids

  13. Can you please list your components? Then we can see if maybe your motherboard has an old bios that doesn’t support your cpu and maybe that’s why it doesn’t post, which can oftentimes be the case. And could you also please post a picture of the inside of your pc, so we can see if any cables are missing?

  14. Der YouTuber verwendet einen Ryzen 9 5900x, falls ich mich nicht irre it der Ryzen 9 5900x stärker als dein i7 10700K. Warum verlinkst du einen Video von jemandem, der noch nicht mal die gleiche Specs hat wie du? Das ist doch klar, dass die Leistung unterschiedlich sein wird.

  15. If you are not here to help, maybe don‘t comment at all? Making fun of my current stressful situation isn’t rly funny.

  16. My brother in christ your tapping the space bar on a mac theres nothing dire here if you dont like it take it back

  17. If it were so easy I would, I bought it used like last year in August or September. The reason I am so stressed out is because the spacebar doesn't work correctly anymore after I tried cleaning it from the tea I spilled about 2 weeks ago, in the way that, I have to sometimes reattach it because the rubber or whatever the thing under the spacebar that makes the spacebar press the little button is called, often doesn't work when normally pressing it down, I have to often hard press it. I am not trying to complain, I am just worried about what to do, because I don't have that much money to fix it.

  18. I’d go for an i3 12100f and like a b660 motherboard if u can afford it and maybe look into the used market, in my country you can get like a used RTX 2060 for about 50€ more than the thx 1650 or go for a used Rx 580 if you can’t afford it maybe. Used market has a bunch of much better cards.

  19. apple tries to make their products as monolithic and solid as possible, they don’t want you to clean it yourself, I fucked up a MBP return key and I had to replace the whole thing, keyboard, speakers and top aluminum, there are out there high quality repair shops that do single key replacements pretty well, but is hard to find in my current country

  20. Did you get it fixed at an Apple Store? Because I heard that they diagnose damages often as way worse than it actually is and then also charge a ton more for it, even if it’s a quick and easy fix

  21. they will charge a ton but it’s not because they diagnose the damage worse than it is, that’s just how they are with prices but third party stores can also cheap out on pieces so i would recommend providing the pieces yourself if possible.

  22. Honestly after this I will probably just sell the damn thing, they cause so much stress with such high repair costs, it’s just not worth it imo, stupidest decision of my life

  23. Much simpler: iPhone 4s has Touch ID, iPhone 4 hasn’t (you can see a rectangle on the home button).

  24. I wouldn’t go to that extreme to test the gpu, it would be better to first try an external monitor, to see if that works, if it does, then all is good, if it doesn‘t then the gpu is dead, but, please correct me if I’m wrong, gaming laptops often also have an iGPU, so maybe if the GPU is dead, he can use the iGPU instead, if he can‘t rma it.

  25. Try using an external monitor, it that doesn’t work, then the gpu is the fault.

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