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  1. And then people wonder why they don't want to be "progressive". Because people like this exist.

  2. If that's a urinal behind her, isn't it illegal to have cameras in bathrooms?

  3. More than likey, He'll announce one of his dent heads sent him a downloaded version of the MGS 2 TIHYDP video. And he'll go, "ack ack ack, take that fuckers!" and the money will roll in.

  4. Funny how he bitches about "clickbait thumbnails with stupid faces reacting to things" on youtube, But this is just a tweet version of that.

  5. So you you can't ask where people are from, but of course, you're also going to be for assuming where they are from.

  6. I think they got rid of all of them because people were using it as more of dumping site than a donation bin.

  7. I mean, there are few of the YWCAs across town. Never been in to check to see if it's "only" for women, since I just go to the YMCAs myself.

  8. Paige VanZant. Not because I think she's the best at wrestling or talking, but it would be possible to garner some actual heat interest around her with her having a onlyfans and all.

  9. Honestly, it would be easier if you simply could take the time off work to go vote. You are doing a civic duty, you should at least not have to lose money, PTO, or be punished by your work for doing so.

  10. How are you this dumb? Coughing up water means that she got water in her lungs. And if you finished fucking pre school you would know that having water in your lungs is really fucking bad.

  11. Love that insults come out when all you have to go on is one video. Keep it up.

  12. Because you are acting like a total dumbass…

  13. And having such a visceral reaction to skepticism shows how easily emotionally manipulated you are.

  14. This only works in a utopia fantasy, if people shouldn't pay for food or housing or clothes, how do the farmers, home builders, and clothing manufactures get compensation for their work? How do you determine which clothes are essential and free and which ones aren't? Having electricity in a home is also seen as a necessity. So if that falls under being free, then so does everything surrounding the entire energy sector. Which would also include oil/fossil fuels. Which means all the tools/machines surrounding the fossil fuel industry would also then have to be free, etc, etc, etc.

  15. Since when did landlords "produce goods and value"?

  16. I'd say they do this for Jehovah's witnesses kids. But they don't like them getting education at all. Let alone know about holidays.

  17. um. Isn't meat still like over 5 dollars a pound? Seems like one department has a clear advantage over the other.

  18. Children, mentally challenged, and people who are still fooled into thinking he's that hard up for money and think they are doing good helping.

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