1. Tell ur jungler you will need help against his maiden a jungler can gank yoricks maiden off pretty easy, smiting her if needed.

  2. I can recommend "Noway4u" Big german streamer, not a viktor otp but he played it a lot in the past, probably the best viktor player on euw aside from nemesis.

  3. Very little, ur normal game mmr doesnt have a huge impact on Ranked mmr but a slight one.

  4. I played tons of accounts to lvl 30 most of them had diamond normal game mmr by the end of it because i averaged 70-80% wr on them, yet they still started as standard fresh accounts in low bronze mmr.

  5. Spanish, i really like the language and if i could speak spanish i could communicate on most parts of the world aside from asia.

  6. Mustard on cucumber. I used to eat that a lot as a child.

  7. Personally I think competative integrity is a terrible word to use. You know what is true competative integerty, playing to win the game. Playing the strongest thing you can given the mehanics, no arbitraily deciding that this one thing is "wrong". The urgot bug is in the game, if its a big enough problem then the devs need to fix it. Players should not be expected to play suboptimally beacuse we have decided that "this is a bug"

  8. By that logic it would be fine if Soccer players just take drugs to enhance theyr phisyque, and if you know you cant win against a team with messi, just hire a hitman to take him out.

  9. Bug abusing is against the rules, literally people get banned for that.

  10. Yea we've all been there. If ur just getting into viktor he really do seem too slow (which he is) and especially if you dont realise his powerspykes in certain matchups it can feel like impossible to play unless you get blessed by ur jgler.

  11. I feel like this is sleeper op. It will become meta soon, i love morellos on aatrox its just so much more gold efficient than other anti healing items.

  12. Dude calm the fuck down, Aatrox is getting buffed next patch with all the item changes. I disslike the direction Aatrox moves in as well but the core gameplay stays the same.

  13. Seryldas second is probably better if the enemy adc isnt strong and you play pixel perfect. At this point ur more like an assasin, you onecomb even tanks with r and ignite but you die very fast too, like if you get ccd and ignited you are probably fucked.

  14. I agree i watched this trend as well. Problem is old aatrox like the state after they took his revive was an actual hard champion to play, you couldnt casually one comb almost everyone in the game not even with ult and ignite on top was quite troll to begin with back in the days.

  15. i dont think so, at least for me i never bought maw for the omni on lifeline i bought it as an mr item that gives ad and cdr, which i would buy if i thought the extra damage item slot mattered in team fights

  16. Lol i only bought it for the lifeline, since most of the time it was my 3rd item i didnt want ad but the lifeline effect was great because no one expects you to heal THAT much, like with the old hextrinker you would feel like in the old days with goredrinker and old deathsdance beeing full life in 1 combo again.

  17. Its a little bit of a bummer for my playstyle (often tanking entire waves in front of my tower to force my opponent to stay/ make a decission on rather loosing xp and gold for tempo or stay and risk getting killed) because now we cant heal up from minions anymore like actual 0. The amount of hp we get back from minions is what fcking ever now.

  18. Which changes do you mean exactly? There all buffs for Aatrox lmao. Eclipse buff, way better build path too having warhammer back again is HUGE. Black cleaver buffed, Maw not having ability haste is a bummer but it was just a niche item anyway.

  19. I started playing hard carry champions as well currently. You dont need to change up smth if ur playstyle used to work but aatrox got a little weaker and early season games can be really devastating.

  20. Bro i’m not talking about 10 cs per min but fed you get easily atleast 7cs per min. Idk what you’re on about.

  21. Im not necassary attack you with my comment its just i see that a lot. So many low elo players are obsessed with cs numbers when it really doesnt matter.

  22. Yeah I get that. But to me it was more about the fact that GP still has the same amount of gold. Probably due to bounties and cs

  23. Also first strike and his Q, GP farms 70 gold more per wave then everyone else and a simple double barrel crit gives him between 50-180 gold from first strike. Ult is 50-120ish in the late game as well.

  24. If you complain about the system as it is now you never played custom for longer periods of time, when everybody is just running optimised meta stuff.

  25. what the fuck is this site, how is aatrox beeing countered by ornn or singed? Like wu i kinda get but what does a singed ever get to do vs aatrox?

  26. You just have to block off the first attempt of singed trying to proxy, singed literally cant lane into aatrox so if you dont allow him to proxy he is completly useless in the matchup. Especially in lower elos no one goes for the terrorist playstyle with predator and perma runs down the enemy mid laner.

  27. Yes i am, the passive nerf waas pretty fair, now you cant trade even with things like garen Q or fiora vital Q just by autoattacking. It's also only really noticeable in lane.

  28. I win like 80-90% of my weekly games again the game allows much more skill expression nowadays it feels like.

  29. You know that if they force building goredrinker, Aatrox is going to become a troll pick

  30. Unless they nerf every single ad and tank item in the game he wont be forced to build this lol

  31. I do eclipse then dd or malmortius too but I always try to fit hydra, it may not be the best option but it's an item i find fun to use

  32. Then can we make him unstoppable for 1 second maybe 0.5 second when he is in his world ender state?

  33. I mean that would be pretty cool yea i dont see an issue with that if it doesn refresh on kill.

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