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  1. You can be a bit cheeky and dismantle safehouses you find that don't have materials in them.

  2. Well, I appreciate the idea regardless, I just might have to do that. XD

  3. Preppers and distros regenerate materials over time (no need to make deliveries) and get a larger boost when you complete a materials resupply order.

  4. So far that seems to be the general concensus, so I really appreciate the answers, all of you. Thank you very much, friend.

  5. Did U try other types of discs - like dvd or blu-ray movies, PS1 games, audio CDs - to see if it reads any of them? Also, did U check any of the drive cables connecting properly to mobo - maybe one of them got damaged during all those repairs U did? Finally, did U change the laser lens - U mentioned U kept the original drive daughterboard - or U kept the OG lens? Those lenses don't last long, keep in mind ...

  6. For the different types of discs - I just tried two different Blu-Ray movies, the exact same thing happens. Blue light blinks when inserted, then goes away. Didn't read it. I then put in a DVD movie, still no dice. Didn't have any PS1 games or audio CDs on hand unfortunately, but I have a feeling the result would've been the same

  7. Just dont abuse it i got banned for abusing it in pvp

  8. I wasn't planning on it my friend, I really only wanted to add those max soul stacks and I'm gucci. I'm just hoping that isn't enough of an offense lol.

  9. I used a very modded save that you cant even be killed u have infinite health magic stamina everything

  10. The majority of the plumbers do it because they like helping people. Their love language is Acts Of Service. If that is the case, they will not judge you they will just be glad to help you out. If you look at their Google reviews you can tell whether or not they are somebody you would want to have in your house. Always check Google reviews it tells a lot.

  11. Well that definitely makes me feel more at ease, I appreciate the help my friend. I'll look more into our options and see what we want to do from there. Thank you!

  12. Make sure to tell them if you have used liquid plumber and what brands if it is still in the pipes

  13. I'll absolutely let them know of all I've used in the past week or so.

  14. Hey man, I don't got any crazy interesting questions or anything to really ask, and besides the rest of this comment sections seems to have taken care of that for me.

  15. Ammo magazines that have been equipped won't stack with one's that have not.

  16. No shit? That's sorta baffling to say the absolute least. Makes a hell of a lot more sense though. I guess one stack, the one in local, is the ammo I've bought through the local gun store. The stack I was having issues with must've counted as "looted" or as you say, equipped. Very strange. Hopefully that gets ironed out with time.

  17. I wonder if this I'd related to the "looted mags drop off player" bug

  18. You think so? Cause holy shit have I noticed that bug happening as well. Once I was at the end of the bunker and riding the lift back up, I had stacked two medical pens together, and I shit you not, 3 magazines just fall off my chest. It was funny as hell, but also just really confusing.

  19. gk99 says:

    The third game now includes the entire major story and all DLC from the first game by default (including Requiem set, yes). Deluxe includes all the paid DLC from 2 and 3 as well. I don't believe it's possible to get the pre-order bonuses from 3, and any other missing content is incredibly minor, I wouldn't worry about it.

  20. Awesome to hear man, thank you very much for the reply. I'll use the current sale going on for WoA right now to jump on it. Can't wait to have a long road of crafty assassinations ahead of me!

  21. OP, here. I don't have any idea if this will get seen or read or anything like that, but I just want to thank all of you for the HUGE amount of feedback. I honestly didn't expect so much kind, very genuine help and pointers of all possible kinds. Hell, I only got a single sumo comment, and even then the guy went on to give a full serious answer afterwards. I still haven't chosen a martial art to try first quite yet, but I've definitely narrowed it down thanks to you all.

  22. So, Im not doctoer ;) but ill give you my take (obviously not medical advice).

  23. It does indeed man, I really do appreciate this. You definitely seem experienced with it in general, so I'm real glad I asked you. If you truly think someone as big as I could handle something like that, then I'm all for giving it a shit if it's possible around where I live. I appreciate your rant, and your advice, it's always a good read!

  24. You have jump. It's primary purpose is to get unstuck, not to skip a terrain. With Battery LV3 Truck you can almost always unstuck yourself in most cases before the battery runs out - in case you mostly use highways so your battery is almost topped off when you're in a rough way.

  25. My brother in Christ, as I said in my post, I manage to get stuck in places where the jump function physically does not work. The prompt comes up, I hit the button, the wheels spasm for a split second. Nothing. No movement to even speak of. I assure you, jump is always the first thing I try if I get wedged in something.

  26. The non adjustable clearance seems ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that the first time we see a vehicle, it's jacked up to like a 12 foot clearance, and then adjusts down to egress personnel.

  27. RIGHT???? Every vehicle in the game clearly has some form of hydraulics and varying clearance levels. Absolutely missed opportunity to not incorporate that as an actual mechanic. As apposed to be having to get in and out of my truck, God knows how many times, to maybe get it unstuck from atop a rock.

  28. The cargo has a special tag and if you scan the entire camp you'll find it I'm sure.

  29. I'll definitely keep at it my friend, I truly appreciate the kind words. Keep on keeping on, that I shall!

  30. During my recent playthrough, the sticky gun shipments were held by the mules themselves and not in postboxes! Maybe check on the ground around all of the mules you incapacitated

  31. Yep, I checked every MULE I knocked out as well, and believe me, I knocked them all out. I enjoy the combat a fair bit so I always try to use it when their territory. So that's every MULE incapacitated, still no 6th gun to be found.

  32. The level of a weapon is set when you craft it or when it drops. Upgrading increases it by one level only. You can do further upgrades until it reaches your current level, but each one costs progressively more components than the previous, and soon becomes exceedingly expensive. Since the max level is 50, you can only upgrade weapons to that level.

  33. Awesome, that's exactly what I figured. As long as I can still keep the gun, or any gun for that matter, leveling and relevant with me, that's all I wanted to know.

  34. PS4 saves are encrypted by default, the only way that I know to get the DAT file is to buy a program named Save Wizard and load your save into that, and export the dat file. Unfortunately it’s 60$.

  35. Well shit, I was hoping that wasn't the case, but I knew it would be much too easy to just smack a save in an editor and go from there.

  36. Beyond everything else mentioned here, as a mainly cast player I really wish that cast customization worked more like Raging Blast: you get slots for cast custom presets (more than one) and can apply any costume you want on it. The fact we get like 30 different Gokus with just 3/4 being decent is telling. Or for example the fact we don't have a gi with no sign version of Goku that can go to ssj3 without the horrid "I'm not used to this transformation yet" SS after nearly 10 years.

  37. Not really here to add anything super important to your comment, just wanted to say how much I miss Raging Blast. I hope to see someday a "return to form" of sorts with XV3, or any game going forward like that. God I miss the simpler times.

  38. Never played those or Budokai Tenkaichi, but it is bizzare how these games did a better job handling presets and costumes yet Xenoverse can't resist making 20+ Gokus that could just be 1 Goku in RB or 6 (3 for Z, 1 for GT if you count Kid Goku, 2 for Super with 1 for ROF/BOG/U6, another for ToP) Gokus in BT3.

  39. EXACTLY MAN. It was the perfect iteration of XV's custom move selection. Granted, you couldn't just slap a death beam on Goku obviously, but you had the option to change 4 super attacks that Goku has used in the past (Kamehameha, Solar Flare, Spirit Bomb, etc.), plus his ultimate sometimes, plus you had all his transformations, and the cherry on top, any iteration of his Gi you wanted to accompany the loadout.

  40. Next game needs to get rid of that stupid "no flying without a licence rule." They should also allow us to use unlocked characters from your main save file in your playthroughs with other CaCs and allow your CaCs to gain XP if you bring them as Companions for PQs along with making every PQ avaible to other characters if you've already best them.

  41. Holy fuck, do I agree about this. Like. I get it from their little narrative point of view, I really do. But holy shit is it tedious after the first character you make.

  42. I also added that if you start a new game, unlocked characters and PQs ahould be available to other characters AND XP should be earned for your other CaCs if you bring them along for PQs.

  43. Basically every idea you've listed, I have also had at some point or another, ESPECIALLY the unlocked characters and character XP earning.

  44. Rereading through everything it sounds like a licensing issue. Have you tried to rebuild the database?

  45. I tried the licensing thing, still no progress. But I'll give the database a shot the next time I'm on.

  46. The only other thing I can think of is that it's not reading your disc properly. It would still launch because of WZ, but not read the disc causing the licensing error?

  47. I don't think it's the disk, I'm mostly sure anyways. I'll be sure to check on the disk and clean them though, just to eliminate as many possible issues as I can here

  48. Yeah customization is best done either in the private match lobby or in game

  49. I never even thought about the private match thing. Thanks man, I'll try that.

  50. Hmm, seems like it works for a good deal of people. Don't get me wrong, I can get in the lobby and TRY to matchmake with other people. But I literally can't linger in the lobby (IE. Customize pilots) without being booted to the menu.