Lauren Boebert defeat could cost Republicans the House

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  1. Sargon, my dude. Ending all immigration is not centrist. That's like exclusively an extreme right position. The fuck.

  2. I think he knows that but he's trying to dress it up as a "centrist" position so more people will consider it

  3. As a non book reader the way the movie explained the lore was a 5.5/10, the visuals are a 8/10 tho

  4. I've read the books and I haven't rewatched the movie since it came out but I felt like they did gloss over/barely explain a lot of key lore. The Bene Gesserit for example are extremely integral to the plot of the whole franchise and I don't recall the movie doing a very good job of introducing non-Dune fans to who/what they are.

  5. We’re going to lose another talented player bc Nate can’t figure out how to use them. Of course Kev is now killing it and JC will too.

  6. yeah we need to cater the offense to the lob catching big that cant dribble or create his own shot, dammit Nate!

  7. Finally I can put on a Destiny video when I go to bed at night without worrying about him autistically screeching and peaking the fuck out of his mic

  8. Really hope we get another conversation with Annalicia on stream today, somehow 4 hours a day just isn't enough! BINGQILIN

  9. Is it just me or is Aba just like... fine? Idk why the sub is so obsessed with him, is everyone just doing a meme or something? Yeah he's kinda funny and he speaks a lot of facts but I don't really get why this community is collectively soying tf out whenever he's on stream or even just types a comment in YT chat.

  10. in the last 2-3 streams aba has been hilarious to me beyond just some regular dude. He knows when to be serious, knows when to jab at people, knows when to meme about his position to aggitate people, and does it so naturally that if you don't actually know where he stands you can't tell the difference. He's a good mix of charitable, real and memey in some ways better than destiny at it. Aba stepped up a lot last night it was actually hilarious.

  11. he definitely can read the room well, I'll give him that. you can tell he's actually touched grass unlike some of these orbiters lol.

  12. This isn't just a Trae thing, this is a team issue. I'm not saying Zach Lowe is wrong, I agree with him that Trae does need to be more active without the ball. But I would also argue that the majority of the team also show's no effort to move without the ball.

  13. Nate has one of the best backcourts in the entire league and he is woefully underutilizing them. The total lack of any kind of scheme is becoming glaringly obvious. I truly hope this is his last season in Atlanta.

  14. Is it really that different from blaming white people for everything and how they are in so many positions of power And that's pretty comman

  15. idk what you mean by "blaming white people for everything" but the reason it's different when white people get called out for having all the power is because historically it's true, and they actually were using that power systemically to keep minorities beneath them. We have made progress since then but many white people are still benefiting from that long term systemic racism, just like many black people are still feeling the negative effects. It doesn't need to be constantly harped on and white people shouldn't be treated negatively solely because of that, but it is true.

  16. Tbh there needs to be a Destiny vid purely on the difference between what fatphobic means (or any phobic) and dating choices.

  17. some of them same people that are calling this guy fat phobic probably make jokes about how they would never date a man under 6 feet tall lol

  18. I didnt think the calling for AJG minutes would be widespread amongst the normie fandom but its already all over twitter lmaoo

  19. It's kind of a no brainer. 3 point shooting is one our biggest weaknesses at the moment, and it's also AJ's biggest strength as a player.

  20. What am I bitching about? The depth on the bench has plummeted. It’s a good thing that the hawks have never gone through stretches where players are getting injured right? Remember how Chelsea was going to fix things? How is that looking? The hawks made two trades this summer to downgrade in talent. They said they don’t even plan to hold the last roster spot for money reasons.

  21. My dude it's Mo fucking Harkless. go look at his basketball reference, see what kind of numbers he was putting up, and tell me if we're really going to miss him that badly lmao. you are tripping.

  22. Again, they made two trades to downgrade in talent because of money. This post isn’t specifically about Moe. It’s about their effort in getting rid of talent on their bench for money reasons. And it’s going over your head.

  23. Mo Harkless, the amazing talent. yeah we will surely miss his would-be contributions in garbage time, so sad to see him gone so we don't fuck up our entire roster with repeater tax in the future.

  24. Keffals is unironically one of the worst people on the internet

  25. I literally just threw a unit on this because it let me. Here’s to hoping it hits!

  26. lol it's a good bet that's why I'm trying to grab it! let me restart the app and log out/in and try

  27. the guy's a millionaire several times over just from voice acting. I'm sure he's fine.

  28. 48 minutes of very good or elite point guard and center play should give us a really good floor on offence.

  29. Hunter is the key to everything. He takes a leap it elevates us from just a good regular season team to an actual contender.

  30. Vomit personality. Mad cause Jared was good looking. What a complete douchebag.

  31. But what I'm saying is that in the original twitlonger she did say that he was touching her chest. so idk how that's different from what she's claiming now vs. back then

  32. checking someones pulse by grabbing someones tits and groping are the same thing. i cant call my dick a thermometer and start checking people temperature. thats rape.

  33. We're in agreement man. But that's what she said happened in the original twitlonger in 2021. So I'm asking what is different about her description of the events now, other than she now considers it to have been a sexual assault (and the Miz/Maya coverup aspect)


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