1. below rank 20 you die to jumping edgars , shelly's or random rico spamming helplessly as Bo demolishes you

  2. The tatsumaki huuuug. The tatsumaki huuug is reaaaaal.

  3. Considering he has reload speed of high dps brawlers and the attack of mid/low dps he should definitely get a reload speed buff

  4. good but now add the enemies and mostly bad randumbs into the equation. 💀💀💀

  5. Bruh all my teammates during the Shelly pin set challenge where 2k trophy newbies, couldn't even win more than 3 rounds 💀

  6. I was thinking solo? But if not possible what mode do you suggest?

  7. I don't like playing solo showdown above 600 trophies, but till that range I find it easier to push trophies in solo since you don't get good teammates until 600+ trophies

  8. supercell nerfing chester drastically after a month but not giving even a tiny nerf on the maniac guy with a cash machine in his head that's been top meta ever since his release

  9. Even if they make some 2500 Starpoint skins that will be fine too, since the whole reason for Star points to exist was to enable f2p players to get cool skins, I would love to have star point skins for most of my brawlers

  10. Controversial opinion but I don’t think Leon’s actually fun tbh, but that’s just me

  11. He's nowhere near as good as he used to be but he's still enjoyable to play in plenty of game modes, specially showdown unless you're above 800 and it's teaming primos everywhere

  12. Well if you have two accounts you could technically buy every brawl pass season and enjoy the newest chromatic brawler

  13. He means credit is better than getting the same amount of power points or gold

  14. Make duels permanent, and add it to map maker. Buff Byron, more new epic gears. Mythic gears are cool but only affect one brawler

  15. It's always on, but truly permanent modes are on map maker. I guess what I'm wishing for is duels on map maker

  16. Oh yeah I was kinda wondering when duels was gonna come in rotation for the map maker games, if they haven't included it in mapmaker I think they should try give it a go and leave the rest for the community to handle lol

  17. no I mean literally be aggresive. like if you see an opportunity take it. speed zone vs breakthrough is a no brainer. situational but still a no brainer.

  18. Yeah instead of fire it should be a disco ball, let amber have some time for some recreation

  19. This is for 64 brawlers. Mythic and epic gears are bought first

  20. I have 30 brawlers at power 9 and 20 of them have star power unlocked. How long do you think will it take me to level up all the brawlers to power 9 plus star powers? (I don't even hope of ever upgrading to power 11)

  21. How often do you but brawl pass? Do you play club league?

  22. Played for a month in 2018, played for a few months in 2019 and sometimes I download it for a few days and delete but this time I am thinking of playing a little everyday to complete all the quests and upgrade my brawlers to power 9 with star power.

  23. I mean, he *is* a genius? He's able to mimic and copy Garou and even surpass what he is capable of. Saitama can be a genius when he wants to be, but usually has no drive or reason to put in the effort.

  24. But thats not exactly intelligence, innit? Saitama just did some weird shit to the atoms of his body...

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