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  1. Did you mean swift? I'm pretty sure movement isn't an Essence.

  2. I think the story is way past Sparrow. If he was going to be relevant

  3. Oh not saying Jason will do anything if it does come up if he passed on it before he will again. Just curious due to the reactions of the characters while rereading

  4. Gary Goldman is too much of a Gary Old Man to be Wayne.

  5. I think it was established that luarent was the connector for those items , he dealt with the cult , he scammed silva , he used jason as a distraction for his exit from greenstone. It's a possibility, but I think itd be unlikely

  6. The only reason I'm leading towards luarent not being the whole connector of the star seed and everything is because when silver was talking to his lackey he said that he had gone some information are help from someone and he told his lacky to go get luarent. He would not have said that if it was all luarents plan. All luarent did was connect Silva to the guy that grabbed Jason and then run if with Silva's funds

  7. Aurella never had control of the star seed. It was always in magic society hands. Lamprey took possession of the star seed because church of purity told him to (trading some favors). This was specifically done to prevent the good guys from studying and learning more about star seeds

  8. If you listen carefully when Silva is talking to his men he says he has a new contact or some such when he gets news Sophie can't be touched.

  9. Lol damn more power and they're bigger why the fuck have we been busting out asses with these monsters out there

  10. There is also a crossbow in the armory of that cartel house you go to to get interrogated.

  11. I don't know, Falurian says it pretty clearly.

  12. Ik ik there are a lot of holes I had a much better line on it but got distracted with a game. I'm not trying to rewrite the history. Simply shifting it. I had a line on how the door of stone leads to a part of the fean realm that is cut off from the Fae. There are hints that there are other worlds and realms in that universe.

  13. Thanks for the awesome platform. It was the only one that let me play cyberpunk at all with few glitches or crashes it completely changed my winter last year

  14. I will start this off by saying that social media and a lot of Reddit and other forum sites have definitely seemed to have a massive impact and tainting writers . For example George r Martin didn't really seem to have an issue with writing his books and releasing them in a timely manner I understand the fourth book came out and it was 5 years till the 5th book came out after that and now it's been over 15 years or close to not really make much of a difference since the fifth book came out. To me it seems like like media or the the sharing of media and knowledge has has kind of ruined writing for a lot of writers that like like building up that mystery and mystique but then again this is just notable fantasy writers that have noticed this with and not really sure if this is a problem that comes with like crime series novels or mystery novels of the sort like that.. As for Pat I feel like maybe someone just spoiled the ending to his book posted fairly detailed writing on what's going to happen in the last book who is actually who nuances and just like completely dug apart his story and big surprise and reveal and maybe pack God a little disheartened or could just be a purely personally issue but I mean at the end of the day people are people they have their own problems just what's all patiently wait for the book

  15. While I'm sure social media has complicated things, my dude, fan pressure has been an issue since the press came to be. Look up how Conan Doyle was forced to bring Sherlock Holmes back from the dead because people wouldn't stop pestering him.

  16. This was nothing against any writer. Hell I've been working on my own book series for 5 I have one book done and a few chapters of another. Been on the fence about posting them for a year due to issues I've seen with other writers. If my book sucks that's okay with me I told my story and got off my ass and push it out for others to read. If It doesn't suck and people like it that's what scares the shit out of me for a plethora of reasons. Sounds silly when I type it out lol but it is a concern of mine see what I see as much better world builders struggle or fall short.

  17. Dragons cannot take essences as they are too magical, animals cannot take essences as they have no souls. There are werewolf combinations confirmed by Shirtaloon. Wolf moon hunt gives the transfiguration confluence and grants werewolf powers.

  18. Fair enough. I didn't mean in a literal sense but more or less an example. I'll have to do more digging. But there is no garentee that every dragon in the universe is too magical for essence (just re read the chapter where Clive or Humphry mentioned this)

  19. It’s possible for sure. As you said draconians can receive essences and claim to be descended from dragons. So it could. I don’t think human essences would show up on worlds that don’t have humans though. Essences seem to show up in areas that make sense for what they are. You’ll get a water essence in water areas for example. There are no gun essences on pallimastus because there are no guns. So if there was a human essence it would need to be on a world with humans.

  20. Thank you and then what I mentioned animals before I meant like sentient animals there has to be worlds with like fully sentient like koala people or giraffe people that kind of stuff

  21. It be better is they got an industrial convection oven for that shit no oil

  22. This is it. Very much feels like a single-player WoW

  23. Three easy ways? Like the 3 pillars to advance? Exhaust body and mind. Push limits through combat. Meditation to consolidate gains

  24. If you look on the patreon page there's other chapters that haven't been released on Royal roads. One of the chapters there is called three simple rules to reach gold rank or three simple ways to reach gold rank

  25. After reading and going through the comments a common thread that seems to be the thing is that he had one story a prologue book or sorts that he have to split into a trilogy just to get published. Ended up getting famous rich getting a lot of stuff that he wanted publishes the second book cuz it's not a lot of work to do in terms of editing just needs you add some things that fit into the world. Cuz the whole forlorian thing and him being in the face and the a dumb is clearly supposed to be part of the story and all the little extra flares of him in school and stuff I think is added in because that stuff seems a little weak like it doesn't last in my mind this is long it's in printable. I know he's stuck because he's added too much and two books that the original story is now completely changed and he has no idea how to finish the book properly I'm pretty sure he has an idea how to finish the book but not sure on a way that's going to end it. Social media especially the advent of game of thrones I feel have tainted a lot of writers.

  26. By no means do I defend the man. Nor do I judge him. I hope I will get to read more about the world of temerant. But my life moves on either way

  27. Yeah more or less what I was saying with a lil on my own thoughts as a writer as to why. Martin I feel just gave up after the 8th season bombed or is waiting to finish book 6 and 7 before releasing book 6 but that's just fantasy at this point lol

  28. Setting up a domain in the remains of the Vane estate, maybe piggybacking off whatever broken magic circles the builder and his people left behind would be nice and poetic , and it'd be another instance of using the builders interferences agaisnt them

  29. Ooh I like that kind of turn in that place of nightmare into a powerhouse for himself.

  30. I can't wait to see the story of the sword vladwick has come to completion, or at the very least get some explanation as to what it is/ how it works from Jason's system.

  31. Vladwick!!! I need a shirt made now lol but for some reason I'm thinking of Vlad from Danny Phantom as an impetuent young teen.

  32. My understanding is it’s for creating a brand new life and soul. Not bringing back a dead soul.

  33. Really ? how come they not showing up in the hangar ?

  34. There is a good 20 chapters extra on Patreon than there is on Royal Roads. Tried signing up today to find the same issue. I just wanna read more and give u my money dammit!!! Lol I will now have to wait 4 more weeks to get access

  35. While it sounds cool a high enough concentration of metals would make these tattoes basically stiff and probaply destroy the dermis skinlayer underneath which sounds pretty horrible. metals will also "grow out" over time( unless they under the dermis layer which makes them not visible) unlike ink, well it theroreticall grows out as well but its a little more complicated

  36. I think you need to think about it broader more like tiny "spikes" the flesh does not deteriorate. Same thing in TLM when piercings and imbedded metals are mentioned.

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