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  1. Detained for a decade? Dude she was just arrested like a few months ago.

  2. She was literally sentenced to 9 years back in October.

  3. Yea she was sentenced to that but she was only there for ten months.

  4. Yup. 20 times to the moon ans 124k bananas. Damn. This felt like a wake up call.

  5. Everyone getting such informative emails. Only email i got from questrade is to sell because its a non qualified investment.

  6. Etrade hasn’t sent me a single thing about mmtlp.

  7. I need to find some Juniper wood so I can make something for my daughter. Her name is Juniper, she would love that!

  8. The skill based footsteps post had be rolling. 🤣

  9. What happened to the MMTLP price? Talk to me like I know nothing about anything.

  10. Remember it took ostk a few months to reach the top of it's squeeze. Once mmtlp is spun out it might not necessarily mean a huge spike right off the bat

  11. Mmtlp will stop trading after the 14th this month. It then becomes next bridge which will not be on the market. The two situations are not comparable.

  12. I love taking my boat out to the shipping channel and getting next to cargo ships. It’s crazy how big they are.

  13. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott -Random prisoner

  14. Oh no. I’m terrified of the consequences of my actions.

  15. They’ve done studies on this and say that there is no noticeable difference in the way your brain reacts.

  16. I’m still laughing as I send screen shots to multiple people. Lmao

  17. I talk to myself all the time and I don’t even live on a ship. :/

  18. I feel like most people are missing your point. We can sit here all day long and reference how things are supposed to be, but that doesn’t mean shit in this market. Look at the GME splivy. I’ve seen people say, “but it’s not the same.” And that’s true. But that doesn’t preclude more illegal activity. I have high hopes for mmtlp but I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s a guaranteed squeeze at this point. By all means, it should be, but this sub and SS never seem to recognize that the people in power will do anything to make it work for them. And they will convince the masses of their version of events.

  19. This. I’ve said similar things and get called a shill. With the amount of money that on the line, what makes people think they won’t do more illegal shit?

  20. weirdo casuals have a hate boner for anyone that might want to rep the team or just like the look of the skin.

  21. They’re just tired of getting smoked by em. Lol

  22. Ok but do you know how difficult it is to track down and troubleshoot an intermittent connectivity issue? Unless you are doing those tests I mentioned when it happens, you're almost never gonna pin it down. Intermittent connectivity can look perfectly normal when it's working correctly until it kicks you just long enough for it to interrupt things.

  23. Used to have a similar problem and it was the wiring going into the box outside my house where it converts from fiber.

  24. I don’t think anyone cares wether you do or don’t.

  25. Bottom line for me is knowing the guys holding 10's of millions of shares are setting sell limits over $500. Not gonna paper hand for $60.

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