1. As the original sexuality tier list poster, this is too accurate lmao

  2. Is it rude to say that's some perfect androgyny face right there? Like, that's a beautiful face perfectly down the middle of masculine and feminine, damn. Not even in a horny way, like admiring a greek statue.

  3. I'm from the future and this Direct was good. Reggie himself popped out and said that he's back at the company, but he has to go because he's gotta get back to playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on his Nintendo 3DS.

  4. You know, if it had stopped at "Some families have two mommies or two daddies" instead of busting out dildos to explain how anal sex works to middle schoolers (referencing a video of a real sex ed lesson that's been floating around for a few years now), then there really wouldn't be much in the way of backlash.

  5. They're just salty because the Satanists took a massive W

  6. You know Satanists don't believe in Satan or do rituals, right?

  7. He isn't going to be getting far if he's playing some colored powder

  8. Being gay and being homophobic are not mutually exclusive

  9. Yeah, being homophobic takes priority. That's why Zeus isn't in Queer

  10. First of all, the DQB games are semi-sequels / alternate timelines of Dragon Quest 1 and 2.

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