1. This is somewhat radical, but maybe try adding some fun things into the week instead of focusing on the weekends only? Like plan a weekday to take a yoga class after work, or make plans to do dinner with a friend on a random Tuesday? It might take the pressure off of your weekends.

  2. Yea you are right. The problem I usually face during the week is being way too exhausted to actually do anything after work. I just go home and sleep. But maybe just forcing myself to do something will take the pressure off my weekends.

  3. $185 for car ins?! Get progressive, add snapshot, get that down!! If you won't be driving that much maybe change coverage??

  4. If your not driving alot look into milewise through allstate. We have it and it's cheaper than what your paying. You'll be fine paying rent with your current bills 🙂

  5. Yes I agree. She never mentioned purse or keys to me either. I also thought it was strange that she could not go to her own apartment to Google the company and then come back and tell me who to call for her.

  6. No I do not know her. She said she lives in the unit on the other side of building but I have no idea who she is and I did not recognize her voice really.

  7. Is your hair fine? If so I would look into lighter products; Shea Moisture tends to have a lot of butters that can weigh hair down. You can also swap out the gel with mousse; it's lighter but still gives hold. Also, try letting your hair dry until it's not dripping anymore to apply products.

  8. Thank you for the advice! My hair isn't fine but I think the lighter product idea would be a big help. I always liked Shea moisture because it was so hydrating, but I'll have to look into other options.

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