1. About 400k across it all - ended up saying if I were to take a steel blue dial, it would ideally be a 16202, and happy to wait. Made my decision, gotta live with it! Felt like the right thing to do, the 15510 just didn’t do it for me idk

  2. If you really want a laugh, look at direct to Athens roundtrip via D1….8k pp

  3. 38mm 26315st - A monochromatic dream. I never get tired of the different ways this looks in different light. The finishing really does it justice you can’t see on photographs and in low light settings I think it looks its best. Bonus points if anyone can name this restaurant. FWIW I wore this all week in this city and didn’t once worry about the watch crime that it gets a rep for, then again I also didn’t cuff my jacket to show it off either lol

  4. I used to think the white Daytona was overrated but I love this picture. Looks really nice and love the proportions.

  5. Every photo didn’t do it justice the day I got it from my AD

  6. you could’ve used that 200k to buy a black ceramic if thats what you’re into

  7. Yeah but the other pieces I have, getting invited to Art Basel, and meeting all the people in the AP community is pretty worth it

  8. for me … black ceramic > other pieces and the experience that came with it … but yeah i respect your preferences. its actually an illogical hobby this pastime of ours

  9. Fair play - I’ll get there eventually, just enjoying the ride! Haha

  10. If it’s registered under your account it should count. There’s no incentive based allocations for ADs like Rolex, esp at AP Houses so I think if you approached a house, set up an appt and made a relationship with the SA, director or asst director and explained your history it should be pretty seamless

  11. Seen both in person, the taupe smoked dial on the 16202OR is stunning

  12. Perhaps not “fine dining” but The Pelican in Notting Hill is pretty magical, esp during holiday season. Lobster pie is sublime

  13. The AP if chosen wld be much sooner, just not sure which dial they might offer , oh i forgot to justify the 5726 in qn is the leather bracelet variant

  14. Leather changes it to me toward AP personally. The RO bracelet is sublime. I will say, be mindful of size. I just got a 50th 26240st and it wears larger than a 41mm bc of the lug to lug size.

  15. This fucker will PIPE a 50 yarder for the win but is a serial XP bottler wtf

  16. This team gives me a first class ticket to Spain without the S every week

  17. Tried this on yesterday. Was super lucky the boutique in my city had it on their rotation and they showed it to me. The blue is super electrifying and I don't think I can pull it off. But the manufacturing of workmanship on that piece is out of this world.

  18. Specialties with the best watch game: anesthesia, ortho, cards, crit pulm, em. Worst watch game: psych, derm, rad, nephrology.

  19. Interventional Radiologist here - collection is currently AP ROC, Panda Daytona, and Batman - hoping to change the perception, but I suppose IR is unique in its own way

  20. I’d go with the YM; I’ve never understood the hype behind the Daytona.

  21. Went here with my wife over LDW when we were in town for the US Open. Sublime, awesome experience - it was super cool to see the prep work and Ramirez guiding his staff. Always sit at the table itself if you can, makes it that much better

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