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"Armed Forces of Ukraine break through first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast" – Kakhovka Operational Group

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  1. Get to renown 19 with Valdrakken Accord and that questline will have your answer.

  2. I appreciate the unanimous advice that I should not skip the assembly. I guess the school could use that to try to figure out who I am. That being said, I've decided to ignore your advice. I won't be at school Monday.

  3. The real play here would be saying you're not going to go to the assembly and then going anyway to throw them off the trail. Maybe that's what you're doing... maybe it isn't, either way hope this sincerely frustrates your teachers to the point that the actually address the situation in the correct way.

  4. Well, in my opinion no one else but you do not have problems here, I like cats, I admire them and like to watch them, read about them and, accordingly, I have them if you need to send photos of my cat. But the fact that I said so, and you do not understand it to me is a problem only for you and the fact that the post has collected a number of likes for me does not matter if it were possible to hide the karma or make posts that it would not be charged I would do so and would avoid a negative and unfounded claims from people like you who do not understand that people in other countries can speak differently and do not need to fit all your standard utterances

  5. Dude this is nothing to do with you liking cats or not and everything to do with you lying to get karma.

  6. I'm a new user here, tell me what this karma is all about? You sound like an expert on boosting it, you seem to know a lot about it.

  7. It's what you get for getting an upvote and acts as a tally on your account for the total amount of upvotes you have received.

  8. That's fine, though it doesn't make it a nice thing to do.

  9. I think as long as proper credit is given and the other person has no problem with it then there’s no reason for anyone to be upset. ¯__(ツ)__/¯

  10. There's no credit in the post, though, just in a buried comment.

  11. Idk dude it’s not your photo, it’s kind of you to be so outraged for someone else, but they seem fine with it.

  12. I disenchanted an epic and got vanilla enchanting levels and mats. Not limited to blues.

  13. Poor dude was taken out half way through copy and pasting a comment.

  14. DPS is your friend, my friend. If it is genuine wear and tear, they're good at spotting it!

  15. Thats the cov mission helper addon. Disable it for now. I assume its something they are planning on using for the upcoming expansion.

  16. I say realistically, because I reckon 7 golden Goldgrubbers is probably better but I doubt it's that feasible.

  17. If you disconnect during the draft or the strategy time and reconnect too late, you do not get progress towards your quests.

  18. Yes Canada is in the commonwealth, but it is not the commonwealth. Also as confirmed by a commenter below hula hoops are not widely distributed in Canada, so OP is saying it is weird for them to be displayed as snacks in a Canadian themed bar for Canadian expats. You would expect them to have stereotypically Canadian snacks.

  19. You do have quests like these, the quests you're talking about are from week 1, this is from week 3. You can go back and activate any of the previous (or current) week(s) if you want to do different quests.

  20. Are they all strictly the same? I dont think i have heal allies, slow enemies, or kill creeps with abilities.

  21. Lol why the response?…even zelensky has said they will push for all Ukrainian territory back

  22. Probably just another Russian bot or useful idiot pushing their agenda of sowing discord and disscontempt.

  23. lmao wtf are you talking about this is literally a pic of someones ass as a wallpaper? reverse the genders and people would be outraged calling it objectification.

  24. Out of all the idiot moves this takes the cake. I can't believe who thought this up and thought "no this won't piss off the player base". We need to set up a boycott again until they change this.

  25. Honestly, it's actually ridiculous. I play battlegrounds fairly often but the other modes of hearthstone never, I always thought it was too good to be true that any competitive advantage could be earned in game. Now going in I know that I will be at a distinct disadvantage (no new heroes that are usually busted on release and less choices on start), this will probably just make me uninstall.

  26. I removed that from my comment, but the rest of my point still stands. I care more about having only 2 choices as there is a very wide gap between the best heroes and the worst heroes as much as Blizzard wants to pretend there is not.

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