1. Ever since you were a kid you've been told not to do drugs. And yet here you are. Lol.

  2. This is not realistic at all. Drug experimentation is pretty common when people are in their early 20s. If you didn't have anything helpful to add then I don't know why you bothered to reply.

  3. LOL. I never had any interest in drugs. We do exist. If never starting drugs in the first place isn't helpful then I don't know what is.

  4. My manager would probably tell me to take some theraflu or alka seltzer and suck it up

  5. Is that a birthday cake? You are just so lucky to have a friend like that.

  6. Pretty amazing what people can do with fondant. It gets way too much hate.

  7. It’s not exhausting, actually. Most people get old and lose skin elasticity. It’s weird of us as a culture to look at people who’ve simply LIVED A LONG TIME and go “omg that’s terrifying”. It literally could not be more natural.

  8. Yeah, well, something natural can still be seen as oddly terrifying that is the whole point of this sub. Maybe it's just the way this was photographed but this looks like a scene from a horror movie. No one is saying that it's not natural.

  9. Why is this terrifying? Growing old is something that happens to us all. Respect for the people that have lived through goodness knows what over the years.

  10. It's the smile combined with the toddler pulling on the grandma's skin for me.

  11. Yes, I find British breakfast food to be oddly terrifying as well

  12. To be fair , with crack EVERY dick is the best dick .

  13. Yeah. This is a reference to weed not crack. Two totally different drugs

  14. What setting exactly? I don't see such a setting in the settings menu

  15. I think my English is letting me down here. Appeasing means something like comforting right? I'm not sure what you mean, sorry

  16. Ah! Thank you haha. I won't, he has strict house arrest, not even trying for art school and definitely no trips to Poland with his friends.

  17. Goodnight, I love you. Sleep well you beautiful motherfucker

  18. Homeboy most likely has a porn problem. It would explain the sudden lack of an emotional connection and why he will tease about sex but won't follow through. Look into porn induced erectile dysfunction.

  19. Thanks for your submission. It has been removed as we do not allow posts that discuss selling accounts.

  20. Caffeine isn't supposed to give you euphoria. It's supposed to help with things like fatigue and give you an energy boost. I drink a can of redbull at work sometimes to help with drowsiness but I am not expecting to get some high from it. And yeah, too much caffeine will cause nausea and is not a fun experience.

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