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  1. GMO has been abused here. No shit been a consistent shelf spot since 788 passed

  2. Hey! This was about oreoz.... leave GMO alone! The poor guy just wants to stank up the whole house

  3. Replace the hate you have from GMO and focus that energy on hating GSC or anything Trop like I do.

  4. Tech support guy: Did you try turning if off and back on?

  5. Ignorant customer: So i just yank the cord out and plug er back in?

  6. Darby Holmes slurper set and banjoglass rig

  7. Oh, and the advantage of solventless is that there are less chances of poorly purged product, contaminants, and use of moldy and bug infested starting material. And fresh live rosin is the creme de la creme of terps/flavor. The disadvantage is that it is much more expensive for the high end stuff.

  8. Yeah OP.... this guy fucks, listen to him and do more research as needed

  9. . is this not a pro intermittent fasting group ?because it's what's working for me. I eat from 3 pm to 7 pm. everyday. I picked that scheduled time to eat because it works for my lifestyle. I build a meal and snacks around those four hours and for the other 20 I don't eat , I drink water , green tea , coffee I eat 1700-1800 cals a day and walk every day at least 3 miles .

  10. If you told me back in 2007/8 when Halo dominated the entire gaming industry and showed everyone how good a AAA game could be, that this would be the state of Halo in 2022, where even store UI can't be done to the standard expected from an indie studio, let alone the rest of the actual game in terms of polish and content, i would have called you a baldfaced liar. Yet here we are.

  11. Back then i traveled for tournaments i didnt even play in, and devoted every ounce of wake time to halo.

  12. Pretty sure it's just Disty as the other user said, I know the Ruby Sugar uses BHO sugar, I haven't personally worked with Ruby products in awhile since they had Hard Candies.

  13. I Think the ice just represents solventless ice water. But now im more curious lol

  14. Man…. I started selling when I was a teenager and my “best friend” would hep every now and then. I was going to a small party for the night and didn’t know what time I’d be home the next day so I told this friend where the stash was so he could get to it but also not be seen by my mom in case there was some customers. I get back home and the whole oz is gone. I asked for my money and he said he smoked it all… Im not dumb I l own he didn’t smoke it all in one night. I was pissed.

  15. You told a teenager unrelated to you where a secret ounce of weed was.

  16. I used to say similar things when i didnt want to say, "heyyyyy uh, you wanna reup so i can get more money from you?" Even if i wasnt going on vacation. It would give me a break from a few peeps and bring in a big day. Maybe even "come back early".

  17. My dispo has a brand called Mids Factory. Every single time I’m like well damn they know what they are at least lol

  18. Theres a brand in my state called ginger larf. Never thought id see larf in a brand name, but its straight gas.

  19. Yeah idk about "", but my utilization hovers at 30% or just under and my credit climbs steady. 780 currently.

  20. Ha! Sorry about that link! That was the first link google came up with.

  21. Well yeah, azeo is a good way. Moreso just the info on "0-9% =slight credit raise, 10-30% = neutral/slight decrease, etc.." sub 30% is still a point increase equal to 0-9%

  22. That's sold by deadline everything coming from a farm or processing should already be METRC as of the writing of this comment. If it was made before their deadline and sold before their deadline it's whatever but currently everything coming into a store is already required to be METRC. We just passed a full audit with METRC not even last week with 99.2% compliancy.

  23. Right, guess i should have said if it was sold before their deadline.

  24. You would be shocked , we just had to argue about it with a larger process because they wanted to say testing was in the notes. But it's still meets METRC requirements until we sent them the direct email from them about the inspection itself on what is required.

  25. Tinder isnt for quality matches, sure they happen, but its 1/million.

  26. My mom and step dad are selling a house and my mom is super opposed to selling.

  27. if u still think dispos are sellin the best u trippin illegal hash game is goin crazy

  28. I mean... ive seen some crazy legal hash, but all in all, its easy as fuck to grow and process fire personal hash.

  29. lmao “easy as fuck to grow and process fire personal hash” said no one ever who’s actually grown and cultivated personal fire hash

  30. lmao... Compared to commercial hash 100%. Ive helped process hash and buy hash and other products for dispos.

  31. Glad to hear that. But I would Be cautious of the crack. Depending on where you got it from it could be a quartz and glass mix and could still explode. Happy dabbing friend!

  32. Its all quartz/glass mix. Nothing is 100% quartz, and shouldnt be 100% boro or itll explode.

  33. My ex, a straight female, had a fascination with gay men, and asked me multiple times to act gay for her. something which to this day I have no idea what she even meant.

  34. My partner watches so much drag race that this sorta makes sense.

  35. Absolutely. Look up authoritarian vs authoritative parenting and what happens when you do each. I never understand how people act like this with their kids. What's the point of having kids if you're not going to enjoy them.

  36. It was my ex-husbands sister. Very happy to be rid of them all!

  37. I highly doubt she spends thousands of dollars a day at Home Depot.

  38. Her tattoo looks like a few hundred... atleast youd think she could afford a good artist

  39. Well the battery portion is purple, which is usually synonomous with indica in the industry.

  40. Nope, I mean that I've seen Ispire's full range of these devices and the one in purple/magenta is their Gelato 33 :)

  41. Oh okay, makes me feel a little more sane. Odd they chose the hybrid for a purple, but ive seen crazier i guess

  42. The secret is to add a tablespoon or two of oil to the sauce. This will drastically cut the heat because capsaicin is oleophilic.

  43. He's just a little friend minding his business.

  44. Uh.... That tattoo ain't on my shoulder.

  45. Well now im disappointed you dont actually have the tattoo in your profile.

  46. Bear quartz, victory, or sddankquartz for budget. (Sddankquartz is by far my number 1 choice for budget, insane quality, but his name isnt huge yet so its budget) (victory hasnt been the best for awhile, keep making wonky joints to make your banger cockeyed on occassion) $75-$150 for these

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