1. Bro where were you with that qrf12 a week ago when I settled on a qfr10? GLWS

  2. Had one of these little fuckin pricks about take my eye out a few months ago.

  3. Fucking deals! Bummed I missed it. Thanks to seller for being an absolute G also congrats to whoever snagged it up!

  4. Could it be? I bought it with a barrel a loooong time ago from here

  5. Ahh maybe not I sold one just like it in rattle canned to a user on here over a year ago I found the messages.

  6. I may possibly have one for sale in a few days, if you can’t find someone to trade.

  7. Hurrrd you chief. I'll be on the lookout if you DO end up posting yours for sale. Thanks for the reply!

  8. I believe you have to add picture of optic serial number. Mods will remove if not.

  9. PSA to new sellers. You may want to check previous listings before posting it will help prevent you from being bullied in the comments.

  10. Don't forget to get the wire stock adapter for the receiver, and MAKE SURE you grab the safety of of the box with the receiver. They are not always the same profile as your parts kit. It'll be a fun build, mine was a lot build threaded by tornado. It's the one of my (and others I let use it) favorite guns to shoot, especially suppressed. The brass whizzing down from the skies are louder than every other aspect of the gun.

  11. So I recently completed a vz61 build and while ordering my receiver from recon I had mentioned potentially wanting to have my barrel threaded, Jerry at recon ord. Told me it was not possible due to the lack of material to thread he said it would weaken the barrel to much. Was he just trying to sell me on one of his threaded uppers or is there actually something to what he told me?

  12. So the answer is yes and no and kind of. The stock barrel doesn’t really have enough meat on it for it to be threaded in the common 1/2x28 thread pattern, and still have a shoulder that everything can bottom out against. In order to thread the stock barrel, a company has to thread it to a slightly smaller diameter, thread pattern, and then attach a thread adapter after it has been mounted in the receiver. I’m pretty sure that’s how tornado and the other guy based out of Oklahoma that sells the threaded barrels on GunBroker(you have to buy his threaded barrel that has the thread adapter with it or else it’s useless for modern suppressors). So jerry(ReconOrd) is right sort of but not completely.

  13. That makes sense, thank you for the detailed response. Different thread pitches didn’t even cross my mind.

  14. Everyone just gunna dibs shit and not being up the fact OP got 4 toes?

  15. Let me know if you decide to split this up I’m interested in the QRF12

  16. Not to sure how to interpret that but I will assume it’s a good thing.

  17. I just finished up building one from parts and pieces, I bought a barreled upper on gafs first then acquired a bolt and the lower parts kit and stock from another guy on gafs. I then had to find the wooden grip, luckily one popped up on gafs. Had to get a semi auto receiver from recon ordinance which had gone up $100 in price from when I started acquiring the parts. Got a mag from recon as well. Overall I’m about $900 into mine at this point, I was hoping originally to get it all done up for $650 or so. Just buying one complete is probably the Best bang for your buck and you don’t have to mess with putting it together. Just a heads up if you decide to build one setting the barrel pin can be a pain in the ass along with getting the trigger guard rivet set. I was able to set my rivet with a piece of flat iron a punch and a hydraulic press, some do it with an air hammer.

  18. But it is your creation! Sounds about right. Complete parts kit is about 300, reciever another 300, barrel new 250 or used 150. Then other misc things extra! Complete new production about $800... But its a new production! Being a big cz fan, and mil surp/service fanatic building one has a greater appeal to me then new production. Plus, being a former mechanic I'm comfortable with my tools, but I'm a horrible welder so reweld is out of question even though I have a TIG at my disposal. Thank you for sharing your experience with this.

  19. Absolutely the same way I felt about the whole deal. I think I paid $85 for the barreled upper, $125 for LPK plus the bolt and stock, $25 for the wood grip, $30 for a mag and $395 for the receiver plus about $20 for shipping and another $25 for transfer fee at my local ffl. Then I had to get a new trigger guard and trigger guard rivets from Czech point that ran about $40 after shipping. After adding up it was right around $750 assuming I didn’t forget anything lol.

  20. Totally unrelated but what’s the deal with no state abbreviation at the end of the titles in recent posts?

  21. It could be your sexy upper 😏

  22. Deal, need the feet pics up front tho

  23. Deal pming now! Honestly GLWS though someone will be stoked to have this.

  24. On sonny sit down let me tell you a tale. Edc tactical was based out of Richmond va was cool to finally see a gun company in Richmond. They were really Innovative with cerakote and cool engraved lowers. They were plagued by horrible ship time waits and other issues. They closed up shop not even sure if they finshed everyone's orders. Closed several Years ago. I have 2 if thier reciever sets

  25. Well that was fast thank you! The reviews on their website are wild. The upper should serve well as a budget build, Or hell maybe I’ll even slap som Gucci parts in and on it.

  26. I just bought this upper for a good price but have no idea what brand it is. Does anyone recognize it?

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