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  1. People have been blaming rising gas prices on Biden for months. Because they don’t realize that he doesn’t control the gas prices.

  2. Who the hell is Andrew Tate? I looked him up but I still don't get why he would have followers.

  3. He is basically what happens when you take an alphabro podcaster and added immeasurable amounts of misogyny. His followers are either incels or teenage boys. Or both.

  4. Also the statement about how a woman is more likely to be assaulted by another woman than a man. In what fucking world is any woman more worried about being assaulted by another woman than a man? Same vibes as men in the medieval and renaissance ages thinking that lesbian relationships existed because one of the women was being coerced into it.

  5. The only outcome of rape that’s worse than pregnancy is getting pregnant and being forced to marry the rapist. Just ask literally any child bride.

  6. I swear onision said something about teenage girls being more attractive because they were the most fertile at some point.

  7. I mean, his name is Clay, so course he’s an Average White ManTM that’s just what people named Clay look like.

  8. They could but a lot of them talk about how they are refusing to “take the shot”.

  9. For people who talk about how they would die for their country, they sure are unwilling to take the shot to save the people around them.

  10. Eventually all key states will go blue. It will suck that diseases we thought we conquered like polio came back, but in the long run we get balanced budgets and better health insurance.

  11. At a press conference, an Edmonton PD spokesperson said, “There is a medium to high probability that the suspect likes the taste of coriander.”

  12. How the fuck do you tell if someone likes a specific herb through DNA phenotyping?

  13. People's senses depend significantly on their genetics. I think the most commonly talked about example is that broccoli tastes bitter to some people while being completely inoffensive to others.

  14. I know there’s a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap, but the only thing you would be able to tell from genetics is if someone has that gene.

  15. the vast majority of the population are at monkey level of cognitive development anon

  16. If that person in the second picture is saying that miscarriages rarely happen? Because BOY DO I HAVE NEWS FOR THEM

  17. My body’s natural state is constipated. I’m 5’2. My hormones are unbalanced. I don’t have baller ass horns or sick ass wings.

  18. Im too much of a boomer to know who dream is or why their face is such a big deal

  19. Minecraft YouTuber. Recently face revealed. That’s literally all you need to know.

  20. And that people, especially people on twitter, are freaking out about it. Which I mean, of all the men I’ve seen in my life, he sure is one of them.

  21. The article title and opening paragraph are both hilarious and depressing. The fact that it’s calling millennials entitled for wanting to be able to afford a house kills me. But the lack of self awareness makes me want to commit crimes.

  22. This reminds me of the time a guy was helping a library weed out books, and the guy posted a TikTok about how that library was “only throwing out books by white male authors” or something like that.

  23. Growing up we were told women were the ones obsessed with critiquing other women’s appearances

  24. The MI5 literally used Girl Guides to deliver secret messages during WWI because the Boy Scouts were gossiping too much.

  25. It's more than a little strange when you add in his ridiculous luck with the blaze rods. He had overall odds of 1 in 2e22, which is patently ridiculous.

  26. The luck with the blaze rods isn’t really that weird if you ask me. Blaze rods have a 50% drop rate, and Dream had a drop rate of 69.18% in those streams. It’s definitely more than expected, but not too ridiculous.

  27. Funnily enough, flipping this around this is exactly why I hate the government. Because the government would rather take bribe money from hate groups and corporations than enact laws that would actually help the people.

  28. I’ll believe that Oppa Homeless Style actually happened before I’ll believe that this actually happened.

  29. Thoughts on the nature vs. nurture debate? I just find the nature vs. nurture debate interesting.

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