1. Intriguing. But here me out - how about a hamster stuffed in a cat stuffed in a dog stuffed in a pony stuffed in a dolphin?

  2. Me after my dad buys vegetarian items for me for the 8th time in a week

  3. It has an astonishing amount of detail despite it's small scale. Terrific

  4. Nice place. I just bought my first Lego set since I was 13. 22 now, they're just fun

  5. I really liked what the top comment on the original post asking for trans posting said. They said that hopeposting is universal and they should be able to see themselves in any post because we are all one. I think 99% of us can't see ourselves in constant dysphoria posts. Happy to have them here but everything has been hyper specific lately

  6. I definitely do, it's kinda fun to play detective on who the person is looking at their reads. Also in often blown away how some people can read only one genre for years at a time.

  7. youre going to find this off of any path in SC. absolutely disgusting people around

  8. Calling the disenfranchised “disgusting”? Must be nice up in your golden tower… I consider them more human than you considering we’re all just monkeys with guns and money.

  9. Could definitely use some terraforming so it's not just a flat mountain top. A winding staircase down the mountain would be cool too

  10. Windows and change the roof to a different block than your walls. Once you get windows in, put on some window covers with trapdoors and maybe some sills as well using slabs and fence posts

  11. I am 22m and I made the switch last year. Totally worth it. My room was drowning in books. I only buy physical copies of books I love from now on, Kindle unlimited gives you so many great books for a tiny subscription amount. you really can't beat it with physical copies, also reading in the dark is so good, it doesn't strain your eyes like an ipad or phone would either. Get a Paperwhite for sure. It's the best bang for your buck, I have the oasis but it's basically the same thing just pricier and it has 2 buttons on it.

  12. Would you agree that it’s basically only the servers that care because they know they won’t get the same amount of tips versus with two or more diners? I know sometimes when I eat out alone, the server’s aren’t too thrilled seeing you dine solo.

  13. its their job. i worked in an SC resteraunt for 4 years. if the server is mad because every table they get isn't an 8 top that's an issue with them, one tops can even be fun becuase you can have a conversation with them if its slow, where as you would never with multiple people

  14. I like that cliffside in the back. I would build a castle keep on it with a grand entrance facing the plain side and then expand that village across the plain

  15. I don't like put bulls or dogs in general but genecide or sticking them all in a cage until they die is awful . I think we should just fine anybody who is breeding them with a heavy amount

  16. Yeah when moby dick is the same size as call of the wild I would be very concerned

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