1. how do you escape the fear of a 5 or 6' drop? i understand it looks higher than it actually is because at 5'8" tall that comes off as a ~12' drop.

  2. Work your way up to it and have good snow

  3. Curious what binding angles most people on this sub are riding. I’m sure many of you switch it up like me depending on what your doing but what’s your default?

  4. 15/-15 spend as much time as I can in the parks but that's not the season Tahoe's having so pow, trees, bumps n cliffs

  5. I don’t think the bindings weigh too heavily in this decision, personally. I think if it’s going to be your only board, I would push you toward the camber unless you really have a desire for a more relaxing style of riding.

  6. Hard disagree on park boards being all in one quivers. Hard agree on going camber. I had a wide westmark in rocker when they still called them the blacklist. The v rocker isnt horrible but I think these days I'd go for the camber.

  7. My park board does okay all-mtn but it’s a punisher at speed or off piste, maybe you had a better experience with using a park board for all mtn use I guess. my park board is pretty downsized for my weight too which makes it even more prone to being kicked around

  8. I believe it, generally rode softer park decks all mtn but then I got a stiffer one with fresh edges (huck knife pro) and no longer even thought about getting another one. You're right on too, pretty sure when I bought it I didnt even make it on the size chart for the 158w but I already had my short board (155w).

  9. Totally agree with your comment and what you linked are typical AASI/CASI instruction. That said, the style I’m trying to implement is essentially hardboot alpine moves on a soft board. You are typically pressuring the board more than just riding the sidecut, - that’s helped by things like extending through the turn and down unweighting when switching edges (vs up unweighting typical in AASI I think). This allows faster, shorter carves (since you are decambering the board tightening turn radius) and more speed control. The fore / aft movement on board seems to also be part of it. Your upper body is usually pointing downhill if making fast dynamic turns with head facing fall line (as I am at the end of the video - I need to straighten back on heelsides and bend back knee more), but it’s leading the turn in each case.

  10. Aasi teaches both up and down unweighted movements. Most people just dont get to the point with enough lessons that well bring it in. Up unweighted generally comes first just to get any knee movement in there

  11. Any suggestions for gloves? I usually wear Hestras but I’ve worn a hole in two pair this season. Its starting to get annoying paying an outrageous price for gloves that don’t even last a year.

  12. Looks like you need to apply more dye. Dye it, let it sit for a while, dye some more (possibly repeat 3 or 4 times) Apply the dye very slowly as well or it will pool and go over the sinew

  13. Any advice for someone getting into decent sized kickers? Been pretty comfortable with the smaller park jumps of maybe 7-10 feet from take off to landing. Straight air no problem, few grabs. Small 180s.

  14. Time and practice. Give your arms something to do besides flail, like a grab

  15. Has anyone ever done a backside 540 where they land, and after landing, you almost catch your switch toeside edge? To see what I mean, watch the very fist backside 540 clip from this Snowboard Addiction video:

  16. Notice it a lot when I'm buttering especially. Really just locks it in to stop the rotation, not totally sure it's a conscious thing or if it's just something i notice though

  17. Why does this happen? My partner and I are new and just starting to take little jumps and such. She ended up smashing into a whole family of skiers who were just hanging out at the bottom of a roller. Like, it's technically her fault since she was uphill, but why would you stand in a group in the middle of a near-blind landing area? I'm sure they complained about us reckless boarders afterward.

  18. Interested in board recs for carving/groomers (east coast). 5'6", 140lbs, I currently ride a Rome Blur 149. Mainly prefer trees and moguls which this board is great for, but I feel like I'm hurting in ability to hold an edge at speed and guessing board length might be a main issue.

  19. Like jbird said it's small. Im about 150 and ride a 158w over the whole mountain but mostly park. My 155w is my short/soft board. Do with that what you will

  20. I usually just hook em behind my back elbow, forget any silliness with your legs

  21. Hey I am an advanced/expert level mountain rider looking to get into the park. I am looking for a full rocker or hybrid board that is reasonably priced. There are so many boards out there I am overwhelmed. Anyone have recommendations?

  22. Any particular reason you want a full rocker?

  23. it looks better and it’s harder to do and harder to commit to. it’s a fs board not a fs noseslide.

  24. It looking better is highly subjective. Would way rather see front nose or front blunt than between the feet

  25. Anyone have any tips on how to grab during a spin without over rotation? I can’t seem the get the action of lifting my knees for the grab without over rotating or starting to flail. How comfortable should I be with landing my 3’s before attempting to grab?

  26. Your head is what stops the over rotation on threes. Assuming you're doing frontsides and washing out keep looking behind you on the landing until you know you're not gonna wash out then look forward. Also practice, lots of practice

  27. I see, so treat front 3s like you would back 1s and continue with the blind landing until the very end? Yeah I just got to keep getting my reps in! Thanks for response

  28. Hey all kind of weird question, I'm looking for the term used when snowboarders do an early edge change. I'm not 100% sure if that's the name or term (or if it's just considered a super short s-turn), but from searching youtube that's the best name I could guess. If anyone else has tips or more videos on how to do these turns please let me know!

  29. i tried a nose press after watching him do one and definitely seems harder than it looks. super comfortable on the tail press as it’s just like loading for an ollie but the nose presses are definitely tougher! sounds fun as hell man! jealous of all the snow you’ve gotten out there!

  30. Try switch frontside spins off the nose. See if you feel how fast it is compared the regs/off the tail

  31. I learn how to ollie and how to nollie, I know the tecnhiques but my jumps are low. How I could improve my ollies and nollies and jump much higher?

  32. In general you will get more height out of picking up your legs after you ollie more than actually jumping harder, on flat ground anyway. Pick up them knees

  33. Tell me you haven't ridden ice without telling me you havent ridden ice

  34. I’ve been riding my board for a while and never waxed it cause too broke to get the stuff for it, literally all my stuff was used when I got it. I do have paraffin and an old clothes iron we don’t use anymore. Do y’all reckon it would be better to try something diy or to leave my board as is? (I have maybe a 10$ budget at most, I’m like really broke rn ;-;)

  35. Living the ski bum dream. Not sure if that's the right wax but I've heard of people dripping candles onto their base so who knows

  36. You're on the right track, knees over toes, let your ankles me soft enough to match the feature you're going onto but firm enough to hold once you find it. Start on boxes

  37. I ride the whole mountain but prefer the park when they're open (god damn pow days). I ride with a pretty decent amount of forward lean and between jumps and jibbing wouldnt really want it any other way. In response to the guy saying 0 forward lean makes everything easier... lol nah. It is all preference at the end of the day, but no, forward lean isnt why you fall

  38. How do you get to the point of riding black diamonds comfortably? I can link turns and come to a stop very easily on blues, but on black diamonds, I start going too fast, and it's too choppy to come to a stop. I try to stop, quickly change edge, stop, change edge, stop, ... But I gain way too much speed.

  39. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Come to Tahoe and take a lesson :)

  40. Not saying that I'm old. Just saying that I learned 540s at 28. 😅 I'm planning on staying in the industry to 40 at least. Or that's the hope. Haha

  41. You better, my 40 year old room mate was chucking bs 3s to flat off the roof yesterday. Age is just a number

  42. Front ear to shoulder like you're holding a phone, wrap your back arm around your back leg and the rotation should come out right

  43. Do you trust/suggest Pro Tec or Triple 8 helmets? If so, which ones? I spend most of my time in the terrain park and need a new helmet.

  44. Anything with mips and you're fine. Usually just suggest matching your goggles if they also make helmets

  45. anyone have any specific recs for any dirtbag type lodging options in South Lake Tahoe or nearer to Sierra At Tahoe? like for 2 weeks to a month

  46. You realize that the stiffer the nose of the board the harder it will float on top of pow pow right?

  47. - Delamination, boards common issues - What to get as replacement?

  48. Difference between diecut bases and ones that just have graphics. Die cut bases carry this risk more than others but it's not super common. I believe arbor has had some QC issues this season

  49. Feeling bummed. In SoCal, and there’s so much snow up in the mountains but all 4 resorts are closed due to closed roads, avalanche danger, etc. I know it’s a major emergency for all the mountain residents and things will open back up when it’s safe, but it’s tough to stare up at the huge mountains with record snow from my house and not be able to go boarding.

  50. That's what snowshoes and splitboards are for

  51. Self regulation is workers revolting and taking back ownership of their life.

  52. They were striking, Congress shut em down, biden signed it

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