[OC] 5 years ago I decided I was done being a guy for the rest of my life

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. I vastly prefer wired headphones over bluetooth so its really annoying for me personally

  2. The fact that you have to put an /s for shit because some idiot will take it seriously is crazy

  3. im a dumbass and have a hard time understanding if people are serious or not

  4. obviously its fake! all anyone under 18 can do is shit and cry!

  5. literally just look it up and look at all the top results. incase youre too lazy too, almost all of them say using soap every day is bad for your skin

  6. who tf is able to get drugs and alcohol in 6th grade?

  7. you know you lost an argument when you keep saying get help repeatedly

  8. Most women share these opinions.

  9. if someone doesnt like it why is it a big deal? just stop calling them that

  10. Christian here: I absolutely can’t stand that people do this. I’m not against leaving a tract for the server, but this is a terrible representation of Jesus. When I leave a pamphlet about Jesus, it’s normally right under a healthy cash tip, because it would be so wrong to give just a tract as a tip. I hate how bad of an example some of us Christians have become

  11. anyone who would be christian in the us probably is, everyone knows about it

  12. LinkedIn isn't a site where you come out and share your sexual orientation. Unless it's important for your business career. Which it isn't.

  13. in my opinion, the best thing we can do right now is just have trans compititions

  14. A child that just found out that they don’t kill actors in movies and assumes everyone else was just as stupid as they were.

  15. so what if i get the billion dollars then put that into something that can save >20 lives

  16. You mean it not mgr reference or dm5 reference

  17. So your telling me that this women has the biggest mouth gape in the world in the woman's category lmao what if the guy who holds the largest mouth gape goes trans does she just lose?

  18. i feel like i should be offended but my brain refuses to process this

  19. Friends don’t fix depression lmao I don’t know, maybe they should try going to therapy? Getting medication? You can’t expect these people to be your friends forever just because you were depressed.

  20. i hate how everyone treats therapy like the fucking cure to depression

  21. fire emblem games soundtracks are so good but never get talked about

  22. i used to but it made my partner really upset so i stopped

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