1. I'm looking to make the jump from pre-built coils to assembling them myself. I have zero knowledge on the subject, any advice?

  2. If you mean winding the coil yourself, I have never done it. I buy pre-made coils for my RTAs, usually whatever my local shop recommends me to try out but I usually aim for Aliens of some type at around 0.15ohms.

  3. Question for you. I've got the Fatality also. Unfortunately, when I throw in those same coild and hit that fire button, that rowdy turbulent vape it gives heats my liquid up so warm that it loses viscosity and the tank unavoidably pisses all the liquid out the bottom airflow openings. I've traced where it comes from, and it's sliding right down the center post for the 510 connector.

  4. I haven’t experienced leaking like that, just a little from the AFC area. I think it’s just condensation though, it’s not really anything that I worry about. Nothing like the steep learning curve for my Voltrove that’s for sure.

  5. Pretty much anything will work. You just need to look at the diameter of the tank and the width of your mod to see if you will have any overhang. Maybe watch a couple reviews on YouTube and see if there is anything you like that fits.

  6. All good, from experience I can suggest the Geekvape Zeus subohm tank. These days I only really use RTAs but I keep the Geekvape for when I am travelling. I think it’s 25mm diameter so it should work.

  7. OP, I have a question for you. I've got the Fatality RTA also. I've never seen an ultem honeycomb cover for the center vent. But my question is regarding this opening. I've found that this tank will leak down into that chamber and eventually wind up pouring out the bottom air flow openings once the device is tilted even 20 degrees. If I rewicked once, I've rewicked 100 times. Thin, thick, tight, loose. My eliquid always, always finds it's way down under the deck through the center opening. I can't open the deck so I don't know where the problem exists. Any dripping coming from that area on your tank?

  8. I do know what you mean about the juice in the vent. I’m not sure if it is leaking or a combination of a little juice and condensation settling and turning liquid again. I find it helps that when I’m done vaping I close the juice flow and give it 1 or 2 more puffs to dry the cotton a bit (obviously not to the point of a dry hit though). I got mine brand new and it came with the ultimate insert. I have heard that it can be damaged but mine is holding up fine.

  9. I agree that you should look at a MTL RTA. As mentioned already, the Kaifun is a great option to look at, a bit on the pricy side but it’s worth it.

  10. It could just be a seam in the cotton from when the coil is made, does it still taste ok?

  11. A build that low with 95w is gonna be toasty, especially if you chain vape it. Now there is definitely a difference between hot and too hot but without me physically holding it I can’t really comment. I’d say that noticeably warm is ok but if it’s getting uncomfortable I wouldn’t do it.

  12. You can buy almost any RTA from QP Design and it will be great. I’m using the Lethal atm but I also have the Juggerknot v2 (28mm dual coil), Juggerknot MR (25mm single coil) and the Fatality M25 (25mm dual coil) and they are all awesome for flavour and easy to wick.

  13. I like the double barrel v3 by Squid Vape. It’s a solid dual 18650 mod and fits a 25mm atty perfectly. The v4 has replaced it now and looks ok but I have never used it.

  14. Yes, I can’t remember what coil I have in it though. It’s an Alien of some type by Cloud Revolution. Came out to 0.2ohms and has all the snap crackle and pop that it should 😗💨

  15. which is better in your opinion and more profitable

  16. I prefer the Zeus, the coils come in a 5 pack and I have found that more stores stock them and they tend to be cheaper. To be honest I don’t use it too much anymore because I’m all about RTAs at the moment but I keep it for when I travel and don’t really want to build.

  17. It’s really nice flavour. I get the 0.2ohm? Coils I think running at around 70w. Top airflow so it doesn’t leak and it’s a nice big airy sun-ohm tank draw. I cut the airflow down to about 3/4 open and the flavour is great.

  18. Nice set up mate. Been looking at the rebel mods, are they good?

  19. Yes and no. Put it this way, am I glad I bought it? Yes. Would I buy a second one? No. It does exactly what I want it to do and I am very happy with it but it’s a lot of money for 3D print…

  20. Ok thanks, Yeah I’m not sure about the 3D print. I’ve never had one, does it feel cheap like plastic? That’s what I’m worried about. But I guess you paying for the craftsmanship as they are put together by hand aren’t they?

  21. It feels very good, not cheap at all. The battery door clicks on well and there are no sharp edges anywhere, it is made very well. There aren’t too many dual battery mods that are arranged in this shape but this one (dual 18650) only holds a 25mm atty. you could fit a 26mm without overhang but the edge is kind of rolled so the 25mm looks best.

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