The Joe Mask

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  1. Wait, you're voting for a Hispanic kidnapper because you don't like "white guilt?" And the DEMS are the radical ones? Lmao.

  2. To be fair to you, your dishonesty and insanity is pretty representative of the party at this point.

  3. “Dishonesty and insanity” I’ve literally been extremely honest 😂 your just using words

  4. What’s funny is the internet is so liberal, even on the republican page everyone gets downvotes or sticks up for Biden 😂

  5. Maybe the issue is an 80 year old grandparent should be president?

  6. You’ve never gone to a family event and said “so-and-so died? I hadn’t heard”. Now imagine the “family” is 100 senators and 435 representatives. Now imagine the family member who died is someone you don’t talk to very much (I.e. a Republican), and I’ll give him a pass for not knowing someone died only a month ago.

  7. there are some fun conspiracies about it having rainforests though lol. I don't believe in any of them obviously. they're all based around the diary of a navy officer which was more than likely a fabrication written by his son

  8. Admiral Byrd is no liar. The entrance to Agartha lies beyond the wall of ice

  9. “Personal statistics”? You mean bias and potentially racism?

  10. Fixed it for clarification. I believe we should look at society more critically, and with less accusation and indignation, with Everyone being held as accountable

  11. This reads like a student getting extra credit for using all of this week’s SAT words in a single comment lol

  12. Lol I wish I’d get a reward for my pretentious diction aside from the supercilious smile across my physiognomy.

  13. So we’re stupid and dying, so let’s go help the iraq and South Africa

  14. Kinda like saying defeating the Germans in WW1 is useless because we have to fight them in WW2 as well. It’s all just history, and war never changes

  15. That guy is the dumbest human on earth, get off the road bro 😂

  16. Damn, think about how long it must have took audhumbla to lick Ymir out of the ice

  17. Thanks for again confirming you need psychiatric help.

  18. Has she tried the cartel? Or how about a high way toll booth they must be desperate for workers right?

  19. It’s true? We have trillions of points of data showing vaccines are safe and effective. We have hundreds of videos showing Joe Biden looking like a fairly normal old white dude.

  20. Ahh yes trillions… million billions… any other number you feel like attaching? I have data too, that actually proves the opposite, especially for those under 17 as they only have negative to gain from vaccines due to covid rendering practically ineffective on them

  21. “This is even with the vax conspiracy” you have got to be kidding me 😂

  22. We encourage all of the wrong people to breed through welfare incentives and other policies. The weird looking people who only shop at Walmart on the first of the month are growing as a voting block.

  23. And in weight. Obesity is a huge problem here too, wish we could separate body positivity from being unhealthy. We’re so f***** if we don’t remove The poisonous propaganda. We need to encourage a more Socratic approach to education while accepting veracity over feelings and stop dogmatizing everything. Genderology is a good example of poison, we’re all confused with an altruistic guilt for our ancestors success and our lack of contribution. It will all combine for a fireball worse than the collapse of western rome especially if that fire is thermonuclear.

  24. White/European people are having quite a tough time producing children, the family has been destroyed. While India and countries in Africa are having 5.7 children per woman I don’t think they’re communist or socialist. But It’s definitely a problem in this country.

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