1. I was able to see the full thing without signing in?

  2. They give you the admission passes when you actually check in at breakers, but when you first walk into breakers there's a CP shop, I personally didn't pick up my fastpass there last year but it is worth a shot before heading in the park

  3. On sale 30% off at Herbology Cuyahoga Falls (Curaleaf) Good nose just like some garlic, about $82 out the door.

  4. Glad I saw this post before picking up a half g cart from them today

  5. I’ve tried to tip before and they straight refused it saying they’re not allowed to accept tips in OHIO. MI was no issue

  6. it pays for itself in about 4 trips during halloweekends ($250 fast pass solo during halloweekends)

  7. My only guess is card processing fee type of thing

  8. I don’t have Gazelle but I pay for Ramsey+ and my transactions are auto transferred. But not sure if gazelle will auto transfer with free version of ED. I would guess not

  9. I’m guessing a razor, it looks pretty straight

  10. Now I feel dumb. This is great exactly what I was looking for haha. Appreciate you

  11. Well breakers you can’t even book yet into next year so not sure.

  12. I got jordan and TW clothes but still no VC

  13. I bought it yesterday, couldn’t play til midnight

  14. Wasn’t this close to $100 last year? Or $50? I tried it last year and wasn’t worth it in my personal opinion. But a cool gimmick if you’re a parent with “kids” or something to hang out and not ride

  15. any idea if they had the wiz khalifa kush inflatable joints for sale?

  16. Guys I need it to convert to fucking English on the actual scale. My friend got his scale and it’s in English.

  17. Don’t act like I already didn’t do that shit. And read the instruction manual multiple times

  18. They just keep releasing new stuff and my items from July 6th still not shipped. Crazy..

  19. It’s very normal for shipments to take 3 months from order time. Be patient.

  20. Change your style and physical to make yourself feel better. Don’t reach out to him for validation

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