1. Most people here will tell you straight up that this is the worst possible decision and that you cannot afford a $54,000 vehicle on that salary. Cannot afford, however is different than should you buy something. Should you, is a much more complex answer, and entails some personal, subjective elements of finance. Is it the smartest financial decision? Lets face it, no, and it sounds like you know that to. It is a depreciating asset. That said, it is something you want, and there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to things you want, providing you are still being smart about it financially and covering all your bases.

  2. No you’re right I should focus on the home and put off buying a car until I really need it. Realistically I’ve given my mom around 100k in the past couple years because she put all her money in the market and thus had low liquidity. I’m only asking her for $80k because of the market dropping and such. I do want to move into my own place within the next year or 2, thus I’m trying to put away as much as I can to make that 80k into like a 100-120k down payment for 3-400k home.

  3. Then that is the play you go with, and I think it is the smarter decision long term. Get the housing situation into a spot that you really like, and then once you get that settled, then ask yourself about the car in say, maybe 3-4 years from now. It sounds like a lot of time but it isn’t really, as long as you can get by with your current car. And who knows, maybe you will be able to afford even more car :D.

  4. One guideline you can use as you car shop is the 20/3/8 rule. It's just a starting point to see if the car and loan you're considering is affordable for you and not wildly too expensive.

  5. I dispute the loan duration part. Getting only a 3 year car loan is how you get into trouble if something bad happens and suddenly you have a rough time meeting the minimum payments. Likewise getting a 5 or 6 year car loan is how you get into trouble if you are figuring out whether you can afford it based on that minimum payment for that length of time.

  6. I don't disagree with your suggestion. Same rationale as getting a 30-year mortgage but electively paying it off in 20. However, the other 2 aspects of the guideline (20% down and no more 8% of your gross pay) are there to ensure that your monthly payments will never give you any trouble.

  7. I still disagree. There is more to it than just that. First, you can put down more than 20%. That will change the calculus on how much car one can afford.

  8. I’m going to propose something that nobody else here has. The BMW M340i. Yes, it’s not a V8. XDrive variant is 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. But a inline six turbo with 382HP and maxes out at 67k with all options. It’s the perfect daily performance sedan. I understand it’s not exactly what you are looking for. With that said, unless you are already driving a daily with this type of performance, I echo someone else’s comments. Why drive a exciting car some of the time when you can do it all the time. If the concern is depreciation via miles, then you are in the wrong area. Cars are meant to be driven. Drive what makes you happy all the time, not some of the time. Having two different vehicles is pointless when you can do both for one vehicle

  9. Many people on this subreddit will live and die by the mantra "buy a used but well maintained old(ish) Honda civic and run it into the ground", then turn around and do the same thing again, and again, and again, all while putting your money into market funds to let it grow for retirement, and to NEVER buy new. This is all based on the fact that cars by nature will almost always be depreciating assets, therefore what you pay out will almost never be what you can regain at the end of the car's use for you. Indeed, you will likely only get a fraction of what you paid for it in the end after factoring in age and how much you drive it.

  10. When the question is between buying a new $28k car and a used $23k car I get that buying a new car may be the best option. But for me the question has always been, buy a new $28k car or a used $8k car. I've been buying cars around that for about 25 years and so far they've been great. I get that the market is weird right now, but just 8 months ago my wife bought a $9.5k car and a year ago I bought a $6.5k car. I find it hard to imagine actually putting $30k into my transportation budget unless that vehicle is somehow making me money.

  11. Yes and no. It really depends on the circumstance. You mention how you have been buying cars like that for the past 25 years, but let me switch the question around a bit. How MANY cars have you bought in the past 25 years. If I buy a new car for 35k with no miles, and it lasts me 10 years at 10,000 miles a year, or worse case maybe 15,000 miles a year. Then in a span of 25 years, you have only bought 2-3 new cars. People forget this, used is less money up front, but you need to factor in the maintenance and then how long it actually lasts you. If you are buying a used car every 5 years, versus a new car once every 10, then you are saving less than you think. You are just paying in smaller chunks, and without interest like on a car payment. Which indeed, there is a benefit to that, less financial strain on that part.

  12. I really need a list of features / things that you guys changed before I undertake all the downloading and installing. Couldn't find any infos on the wiki.

  13. Hi! There will be a more exhaustive list of changes that comes out before or right at release time next week, so you will be able to see all of the changes (or atleast most of).

  14. Would really love to play this but am confused on what is required. Do I need to buy bf3 and all premium on origin or can I buy it on steam? How does the modding process work for it?

  15. You need BF3 and all DLC. It is easiest just to buy BF3 Premium Edition which includes everything you need to play BF3 RM.

  16. No it is not sadly. Sorry. This requires BF3 for PC.

  17. The Aorus Master lacks Thunderbolt 4, but has 10Gbe Ethernet, and tons of M.2 slots. It is significantly cheaper, and feels more sturdy (More metal, heatsinks, and a thick backplate. I'd say that feature wise it is a toss up with the Hero according to your needs, but comes in at much lower price.

  18. I second this. I got the Master. No hero, but it works, and is still a good board. Tho in addition to those listed, it also lacks a proper PCIE 5.0 m.2 slot (either proper or an external card, especially given it only has one 5.0 slot)

  19. If you bought a 5.0 card you'd still spend less, but the catch is that there is only 1 PCIe 5.0 slot on the board and you'll probably be putting a gfx card there.

  20. Yeah, the thing is in both cases the difference over PCIE4 would be unnoticeable anyway. Even in the Hero, if you used a PCIE 5 SSD via the card you would then be running the gfx card in 5.0 x8 mode, which is just the same as 4.0 x16. So the only real benefit you get would be a faster SSD which given the speeds already on a 4.0 ssd, it wont be noticeable in regular day to day tasks unless you do a lot of drive intensive work.

  21. Okay, nice to know (or well…..not really nice) that there is something wrong with the hero’s it seems. I’ve been through two, both died within a day. Another guy on here had his hero die. Now yours. The capacitors on both of my hero’s looked like crap, leaky all over. After the second one failed I picked up a Aorus Z690 Master instead, even though I love the hero and Asus’s bios and software, I just can’t deal with it. The caps look infinitely better on that board. Not a single leaky cap can be seen. I have a third Hero board coming via RMA, not sure if ill even plug it in at this point.

  22. Possibly. On the other hand, the other guy was not using the same type of PSU as me, a corsair one sure, but slightly different model. Hard to know for sure.

  23. I don't think it's RAM related then, because I was using XPG 32GB Lancer DDR5 5200 MHz UDIMM Memory Kit (2 x 16GB, Black) since it was the only DDR5 I was actually able to get my hands on. I was using a brand new Corsair HX1200 PSU and PC case as well. The only things that were used from my old build were the 1080ti (waiting for 3090ti or 4000 series to come out) and M.2 SSDs which I had all 3 slots on motherboard filled, and my old SSD and HDD. I will be adding an actual picture of the motherboard before I sent it back for replacement where you can see the damage. I was also using a brand new CORSAIR iCUE H150i ELITE LCD cooler.

  24. Then all signs point to a motherboard issue.

  25. It is too early to tell, but I fear this may be the case. And the fact that I had it happen on two motherboards that I got from two different places means it might be a defect on MANY of the boards. The even worse part is it may be hard to know just how widespread because, not only is it a high end expensive motherboard that isnt what most people buy, but also is a ddr5 board and given ddr5 availability, many people who would buy this board but cant get ddr5 likely are opting for ddr4 motherboards and/or keeping their mobos sitting in a box until they can get the ram. So i suspect there are few people with this board who actually had it up and running, so its hard to know. The few reviews ive seen say no issues, but its too few to really know yet.

  26. My post was to see if anyone else has had this issue recently, and if so, what did they do to fix it, and if that was by getting dell to come out and repair it, and if that is the course of action I should take.

  27. I will take note of your feedback. What would you suggest my course of action be if I am unable to use linux too?

  28. Not to be stupid (I only have the 9570, the non 2 in 1 version), but aren't the media functions supposed to only work while the function key is pressed? If the media functions are on the function keys, then that's how it's supposed to work.

  29. Not OP - and I doubt this is OP'S issue, but If you hit the function key + esc, then it locks your function keys to default (instead of F keys)

  30. Yeah, because giving them the landline of your clients should be a priority, right ? I've given them the relevant details about me, I think that should be enough. They're the only sellers I've come accross that ask for extra details. Amazon and PCSpecialist for example don't have any issues and trusting their clients when they order something. Dell had that issue, yet they still took my money first.

  31. You could just....order normally online....through the configurator....yanno like most people do. I imagine most people do not order through that stupid online chat window. You don't order things through a chat on amazon do you?

  32. Are you corporate IT and is this a fleet machine. If no don't worry about vPro.

  33. I can testify that the 9260 is a good choice. That said, I'd like to add that I would recommend only replacing the killer card if you experience issues with it. I did have issues with mine, but not all users have problems with their killer cards.

  34. 14 hours? Hmmm.... Don't believe the hype. But it's a good laptop. I purchased one. However you should now that there is no perfect laptop available.

  35. To add to the battery life above, it depends heavily on configuration of the laptop (namely whether you pick a the 1080p version or the 4k version). I have the 4k version and I can get on average around 6 hours of battery life with a combination of light and medium workloads and usually medium brightness. Heavy workloads will of course tank your battery as far as to 1 hour or even less, just like all laptops. With light workloads and low brightness I can probably get close to 8 hours of total battery life, but that's just a guess. I rarely do just light workloads with low brightness on battery. The 1080p version I have no idea, but I'd assume the battery life will be a bit more than what I can get.

  36. Don't listen to these people, its the netflix app, same thing happens to me. I have a 9570 and I play games and stuff all the time and this only happens with this app. As long as this only happens in the netflix app and nowhere else you are fine, though if it does happen elsewhere then I would return. I'm just saying, I have had this issue with the app but my system is perfectly stable doing anything else and have never done this outside of this specific app. I think it may have to do with graphics switching and the netflix app not liking it.

  37. Now if they would only increase the gpu throttle temperature limit on the high end from 74 degrees to 78 where it was initially....

  38. oh that's less than a month damn, cool

  39. You're mistakenly assuming China and Hong Kong are similar places. If you understood how different they were you would see from where it is now that it would take literal decades of brain washing and even more erosion of autonomy for it to been even close enough to be swallowed up.

  40. You mistakenly assume that the world would do something about China going into Hong Kong with tanks.

  41. Mine is fine except for a slight coil whine when completely silent. But inaudible unless you put your ears directly on top of the laptop.

  42. Eh, it was alright. It wasn't bad, but by no means a spectacular campaign. The biggest downfall with every single battlefield game since Bad Company 2 is simply the characters are usually boring and completely impossible to relate to in any capacity personality wise and was difficult to form any type of emotional feelings for the characters. The BF3 single-player game play was alright, clearly not BF5 bad but again, wasn't the most spectacular thing. It's funny, the linear style game play was crapped on non stop back in the days of BF3 and around 2011. Everyone was like "give us options, give us more open world game play, give us many options to go about an objective". Now everyone hates the open type game play. Not saying either one is good or bad, they both have strengths and weaknesses in terms of single player game play and storytelling. For instance, The Last of Us is a great example of a open-designed single-player that was able to deliver really immersive storytelling.

  43. My dude the animators are separate from the other developers... You know that, right?

  44. Yeah, these animators don't just animate weapons yanno.

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