Better Call Saul S06E09 - "Fun and Games" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Technically, the scale, and the play was quite an accomplishment. But I think it was almost too big, I found the story lines quite repetitive and I’m one of the only people I know who bothered finishing it.

  2. I feel like the repetitiveness was kinda the point though. They kept doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. It's the definition of insanity.

  3. I'm surprised Dominos exists in Europe. Dominos is not a rural phenomenon here at all, you find them only in larger cities or towns which have plenty of other pizza shops.

  4. What would a happy ending even look like at this point? Kim and Jimmy getting back together is clearly never going to happen. It's unlikely Jimmy would get away with all his crimes as well.

  5. Jimmy had an out- he was hired by Davis and Main. He was also offered a job by Howard.

  6. If you're making lemonade American style (lemon juice, water and sugar) then keep in mind that people will be confused because that's not what lemonade is over here.

  7. My question is why does Mike works for Saul as his PI ?? For extra cash ??

  8. Something I'm wondering as well. Does his work with Fring not keep him busy?

  9. Similar to The Hulk and The Ancient One's interaction in End Game.

  10. It'd also be more appealing if the chance of getting the highest tier of gear weren't so damn low after you've grinded your way through that as well.

  11. „The series ends in this series finale“ I mean, technically the truth but

  12. Might not be the truth anymore since "El Camino" acts as an epilogue for Jesse. Depends on whether you class that as part of the series or not though.

  13. A bit disappointed that Keir Starmer has managed the media so badly this week. First the shambles with Liverpool and an incredibly good speech going to the wayside because of an error of comms across the team. Now the Sam Tarry situation where yes, he deserved to be sacked but every paper is making it out like Starmer has no control over the party - something he should’ve anticipated and managed better.

  14. Chuck's opinion about Jimmy was absolutely spot on though. Jimmy isn't an honest hard-working lawyer. Look at how Jimmy was in season 2 while working at Davis and Main - He solicited clients for the Sandpiper case and then lied about it. He aired a commercial without getting approval from his boss. He then sabotaged his career there when he didn't like their response.

  15. I'd have been surprised if it was since they haven't updated the Blightcaller class guide on the site yet. Was hoping they'd do that today at least.

  16. Hes gone mate there's a leadership party and it was his last pmq's

  17. So who is currently PM then? Isn't this his last PMQs purely because there's gonna be a summer recess and the next PM won't take over until September/once the leadership contest has concluded?

  18. You can talk semantics all you like. He said his goodbyes today and parliament is in recess from Friday... The only thing he will be doing as PM is taking his tacky wallpaper off number 11 and getting one last "BJ" off Carrie before she leaves him.

  19. Genuinely don't know where I stand this...who would you prefer Truss Vs Sunak?

  20. No luck catching them talented Conservative leaders then?

  21. Listen Thor was just going by standard battle tactics - aim for the center of mass. Better chance of getting a killshot that way!

  22. Thor's mistake wasn't where he aimed it was that he felt the need to gloat. He could have easily pulled the gauntlet off Thanos at that point or even used Stormbreaker to chop his arm off as he does a few days after.

  23. TBH I'm not gonna hope for much more than Saints Row 3 with better graphics and a different city. That said, Saints Row 3 was a fun game so that wouldn't actually be much of a disappointment.

  24. I’m genuinely at a loss as to what more needs to be said over four more episodes.

  25. Presumably the abridged version of Breaking Bad from Saul's POV followed by what happens to him in Omaha.

  26. I assume there isn't actually anything stopping him doing that other than "convention".

  27. I think it'd be hilarious if he burns the party to the ground on the way out. Especially since they had their chance to stop him with a confidence vote.

  28. Possibly ever! I don't know if one day's worth of Saul's take on Walt and Jesse's money ever amounted to the Sandpiper settlement, although, over time it probably did. Zafiro Añejo...or at least drank the McCallen that Howard brought over. He already opened it. May as well drink it and get rid of the evidence that he was there!

  29. i think it would be weird if they kept the bottle. i live in a place where drinking alcohol is far from to be called a culture here, but do folks who drink kept their expensive/luxurious bottle of liquor after they're done? my mom did that with perfume bottles, and kept them on some shelves, said they look good as ornaments/decorations.

  30. Yeah it probably would be weird for them to keep the bottle after drinking it. They may not even drink it at all due to the guilt they'd feel about Howard.

  31. And not wanting asylum seekers doesn't mean you'd be ok with shipping them to Rwanda. Racists and xenophobes probably don't care what happens with asylum seekers as long as they aren't here so would be onboard with this sort of stuff.

  32. I’ve been a dev for over 20 years and I don’t have prod access. And I would fight like hell to have it taken away if it were granted.

  33. Even having access to read production as a dev is something that should only be given periodically when the need arises IMO. Partially for confidentiality but also because select statements can impact production performance and cause problems if written poorly.

  34. I never trust reddit when it comes to women giving advice on things women like.

  35. You can't trust advice like this in general because every person is different - What some women will see as a hint they like someone another woman might just see as being friendly.

  36. Plus guys that did pick up on the hint but weren't sure enough about it to act on it. What one girl sees as a hint another might see as just being friendly.

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