1. I refuse to believe most of the mother base soldiers died, the place was the size of a town.

  2. The assassinations animations in ac1 through the ezio games felt more satisfying than the later games

  3. Legends is actually a video game, Dokkan is a toddler game with balls.

  4. When Tony was dying and he heard his daughters voice, almost made me cry.

  5. I used a yellow truck for like 4 hours made by some guy, such a shame I lost it to a empty battery and timefall.

  6. For some reason I like the idea out shadow being a clone, it means nothing but I just like it.

  7. Sonichu is an artistic masterpiece

  8. Nothing changed since beta except for a new map and battlepass, Fun for a quick time killer but sucks for being anything more then that.

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