1. “Through”. And the two are mutually exclusive terms describing two different legal definitions.

  2. Why? They're fundamentally wrong about basically everything they believe. Even the few things they get right they believe for the wrong reasons.

  3. Incorrect, and again, the only purpose for such a belief is to justify removing anothers inherent rights, erego, it is the belief of a tyrant.

  4. Also, its kind of a bad comparison, og duals are in the hundreds of dollars, while Bazaar is in the thousands. If that is not an indicator of its power level, idk what is.

  5. For sure, I 100% agree, but both Bazaar and the dual lands are on it XD

  6. I think the part that would shock them is the common disregard for human life. How little some people place on it.

  7. Prohibition 2.0, now with more direct violence. Good idea.

  8. He's not, he's evil, nasty, literally Hitler....

  9. I’d add protections for endangered species as well.

  10. I've asked you for ONE confirmed innocent/exonerated person in the modern forensic era, and the best you can do is a bunch of 'maybes' and examples of the system actually working.

  11. No, it clearly was beyond a reasonable doubt at the trial level.

  12. No, I am advocating for a federalist system that keeps direct democracy limited. If you believe that is authoritarian then you must think the US has always been authoritarian.

  13. Just call Yuri, and he'll squat down with the bear and share some kvass. The bear will love Yuri, and he'll follow him home for more kvass.

  14. Now I AM downvoting you, just FYI.

  15. Oh come on nemo I know you're smarter then that, you know what you're doing

  16. Yes. Saved by grace through faith in Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection.

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