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  1. Yeah I just saw her on Frontline.. talking like she was against the lie. It was an episode on democracy. I didn’t know she was pushing the Lie on Fox..

  2. Yep. During her tenure at the White House and weeks after she left she spread election fraud. There are a few links in our Boycott petition that tell you who Alyssa Farah Griffin really is. Her family owns WorldNetDaily - a conspiracy pushing far-right website. They made millions off of the lies and hate they pushed. Alyssa worked for the online publication.

  3. Thank you! We're putting a game plan together to start marketing it next week. We're sticking with this for the duration of season 26. I appreciate your time and effort to support us. Cheers!

  4. I agree that accountability matters but they vetted many other conservatives and she got the best response by viewers. I wanted Tara but I guess she didn’t pill all that well.

  5. If accountability truly mattered to ABC News (and CNN), they should've never hired a Trump enabler. Alyssa spread election fraud lies, saying PA election officials rigged the election, which is completely false and irresponsible. Alyssa and her team also pushed Covid disinformation, which I have a serious problem with. ABC News dropped the ball here in my opinion.

  6. Alyssa Farah Griffin is a former Trump propagandist. I'm out on The View for season 26. So disappointing ABC News hired a former Trump staffer, who pushed election fraud without blinking an eye. Can't stomach that one. Tara Setmayer would have been the better choice.

  7. The panel needs balance, which Alyssa brings. If she weren't there the applause sign would be lit up the whole show. Hate has no place here.

  8. Absolutely. That View seat was intended for a conservative, as it should be. Our objection is her destructive history in Trump's admin. The View producer had plenty of conservative choices who didn't push an election fraud conspiracy. You like to equate hate with having principles. What's up with that? There is no hate here, just facts dear.

  9. Said perfectly! And also, Alyssa’s kinda boring. The other options vibed with the current cohosts better anyway, outside of Alyssa being problematic.

  10. Tara Setmayer would have been awesome in that seat. She's a staunch conservative, whom I don't always agree with, but she's articulate, smart, and respectful when she debates her opinions. Unfortunately, ABC News went in a different direction. Would you considering signing our petition?

  11. Catherine Engelbrecht is a fraud. She knows voter fraud doesn't exist. Unfortunately, our blatantly corrupt Texas AG Ken Paxton is in bed with her, so zero accountability. He was indicted 7 years ago, but has yet to see the inside of a courtroom. That's how corrupt politics are in Texas right now. I mean, how is this dude still in office? It's infuriating.

  12. I just can't. Alyssa Farah Griffin is a prolific liar, at least in her professional life. She's a Trump enabler. As the former Trump Strategic Communications Director, she LIED for Trump. For a living. She pushed his "Big Lie", defended his support of the Proud Boys, politicalized and mishandled Covid - she was responsible for Covid messaging and its media strategy. She made excuses for Trump's illegal GA election interference, which is now under criminal investigation - and I'm just getting started. You know her father, Joseph Farah, founded the far-right fringy WorldNetDaily, yes? That online rag mag regularly bashes the LGBTQ community and pushed the Obama birther conspiracy, making millions off of lies and hate. Alyssa and her family are truly awful.

  13. God help us all lol horrible for the country but great for the show

  14. Not sure it is great for the show. Alyssa Farah Griffin enabled Trump for 4 years. She pushed false election fraud even after she left the White House. We're starting a #BoycottAlyssaOnTheView campaign to let ABC News and The View executive producers know we have zero tolerance for Trump propagandists.

  15. No I was talking about the trump drama it makes for good TV . And yes I blow alyssah is an undercover racism who believes the vaccine and the election was a hoax just a few months before she got the job !! I don’t believe a word she say

  16. Exactly. She's not authentic. Farah Griffin says whatever she needs to say to get a paycheck. I think The View producers hired her for the same reason you think she will be good for ratings, but given the dysfunction and criminality of Trump's White House, I think hiring a former Trump propagandist is going to be a problem for ABC, at least that's my goal.

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