1. A giant prehistoric turtle covered in moss that will go around sniffing for seeds including ancient plants (new plants). They can be hatched through eggs found in underwater chests

  2. Well I don't care about you don't caring that nobody cares that someone doesn't care about not caring about the Dream face reveal.

  3. And i don't care about you don't care about don't caring that nobody cares that someone doesn't care about not caring about the Dream face reveal.

  4. You said Toby fox. That's basically summoning the undertale fans here.

  5. Reminds me of Hard Light Drifter, Am I the only?

  6. The most sus brawler ever: (amo)gus ,suspport >support pin pink balloon but cyan model, gray hair in model but white in pin (there's a shapeshifter among us) lvl 8 dmg sus, gus was ejected , reason: sus Sam on gus - S = AMONGUS

  7. A good random that plays the worst brawler in the game is better than a bad random that plays the best brawler.

  8. I am now realizing that they haven't done Mortis yet. I'm surprised, considering he is the most used brawler.

  9. I hate when people say that.. he's not THAT hard, will if they want to trickshot...yes they're hard, but trickshot is mostly just show off, counting enemy ammos before going in..calculating a 1v1 interaction 🤓..aiming all shots.. fast fingers and stuff like that is not that hard..those randumbs are here for trickshots, and they obviously fail, people call mortis dogshit cuz.. they suck at him ,or the mortis randoms sucks. this game just needs more skill cap.. name a skill cap brawler other than mortis dyna and colt, others are just aim and HORAAYYY you just hit the enemy, lowered there hp and WON! you don't hate mortis, you hate mortisrandoms People think mortis sucks because they see randoms fail, they see there self fail. Mirtos(yea mirtos) can slay his hard counters pretty easily, for example i played a knock out match with mort, the enemy comp was jacky, bull , and another tank (who remembers a match's brawlers after 3 days?) I spent my time dashing throw them to charge my super without feeding or dying.. then my whole team died. Well...i was close to super so i waited for the gas to close in (so they bunch up) then used my super hitting them all cycling it, even though I was at a bull's face, the healing is op and i survived teamwiping them, what was the hard part?he's easy if you know what to do (and really fun)

  10. My brother doesn't have a sense of humor😐you suck at mortis sooooo much that you call him horseshit?

  11. Yeah, I know Kairos is always saying it's not worth it, but I bought it. THE TEMPTATION WAS TOO MUCH! I WANT MAX MORTIS!

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