1. My family. Constantly. We've watched it so much I'm starting to nitpick things I don't like about Teddy and Linda. But I still love the show.

  2. What don’t you like about Teddy? :o I’ve heard people criticise Linda but I don’t think I’ve heard anything negative about Teddy yet

  3. Little things that I know are a joke, but would annoy the crap out of me IRL.

  4. As long as it's anyone but David Yates.

  5. You sound like a person of Potter culture. What would you say if they would let Alfonso Cuaron direct another one?

  6. Why didn't Jim or someone else call Gabe or Jo and tell them about Michael's stupid scavenger hunt plan?

  7. Amigo sincero is a nice one. Bypasses shields

  8. He's like a lot of people... Working within the rules as best he knows how within the rules the system has defined.

  9. American Spirits, those fuckers last forever.

  10. I smoke those and it takes me like 3x longer to finish one than the uh... Current leading brand.

  11. Good callback to a post I saw here earlier today

  12. Not in my experience. I have siblings who've worked there for some time, and trying something like that would have gotten them fired. Putting cooked food back in the fryer isn't allowed. Somebody orders them fresh, they have to make a new batch unless a new batch has JUST come out of the fryer (like, within the last minute).

  13. I worked at McDonald's back in high school a couple decades ago and we would never do this. We would just drop a new basket of fries and tell the customer to wait a few minutes. It wasn't an issue 99% of the time.

  14. Honestly, it would be super helpful if vaccinations worked like this. Kind of like, the opposite of an STD.

  15. I love these Louisville food posts so I can disagree with them but honestly, you're right on the money.

  16. How much percentage did it say it was? And is UCP modded Borderlands 2?

  17. Try red chest in hero's pass right outside warriors vault

  18. I think I've gotten one from the chest on the back of bunker too.

  19. I don't think anyone cares about what TEST is doing anymore.

  20. It showed up in the reddit feed, I'm drunk, bored and looking through Reddit for something interesting.

  21. That being said, it's a Nat Kinkle episode, which makes it a must-watch for me

  22. Almost as if it wasn't a problem until more people were made aware of it.

  23. Here's my method to drinking safely and cheaply:

  24. We might be what you're looking for. Here's our main recruitment post.

  25. Occasionally, but there's also a lot of dead air. It was fun when they had guest appearances, but mostly it was just Rich and Jack

  26. The segmented "half in the bag" style videos are still a rewatch from me.

  27. I'm a fan of their reviews of sonic the hedgehog and zelda 2, just to name a couple.

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