1. Should get a few wire brushes for welding and get them on the chain and drop down flue and keep doing it might also help some

  2. I got her pretty clean with the chain, I'm guna go check the welding shops. Thank you

  3. Amazon man. You only need to buy it one time.

  4. My place is to remote, theu don't deliver out here and I try and only support local businesses

  5. Paint that dildo green and he was in my last unit.

  6. Dude, that's a freaking steal! Only way I could get land for $1300 an acre here is innit was on a toxic waste dump.

  7. Sold our place up north after we got out the Army and bought a little over 200 acres on the Arkansas/Texas line. Built our house and started a homestead in the middle of the woods. It's been a wild ride but completely worth it.

  8. You’ve got good cats in the red river, too. Great deer and the full spectrum of ducks coming through. Nice part of the country.

  9. Oh man, the Red River and the Little River are full of big gar and nice cats. The bugs and heat keep the city folk away too.

  10. Sell it privately, do not comply.

  11. Put a Ruger charger in a 10/22 stock and boom

  12. No sling, have a holster made 🤠

  13. Amen to that but I like mine green and rolled haha

  14. Oh no doubt. I’d also prefer to walk around with my 300 Blackout AR pistol at all times, but the SIG is easier and more discreet, if you catch my drift 💨

  15. I catch your clouds. Happy Turkey Day

  16. This is me and my wife is proud of it

  17. This isn’t me at all lmao this was supposed to be satirical. Holidays for me are about getting drunk and eating food.

  18. I'll be drinking, smoking, and cooking all day at our house and family and friends is coming to us. Mostly cuz Im not allowed at alot of their places and they don't have ranges in their yards.

  19. What are you and the NRA doing to stop this? What are you and the NRA doing to keep guns out of the hands of the “ghetto fuck tards”?

  20. You can always tell someone knows fuck all about guns when they mention the NRA. Most modern gun owners HATE the NRA.

  21. I already made it to the part where he calls me a racist for making a point that had nothing to do with race.

  22. Get a uscca membership and then talk to one of their attorneys in your area. They will provide you with all the info and help you need. My wife and I's memberships are less than $50 a month for both of us and you don't have to keep it one you getwhat need.

  23. Thanks for the info! After doing a little research it appears goats need way less land than I expected. I’m not a full fledged homesteader but I do what I can with my 3 acres in the burbs. Goats might be a good option for me, I was also considering rabbits.

  24. It'll be the best love/hate relationship you've ever had haha

  25. Would you recommend one over the other? Or maybe start with one over the other. I just got chickens this past spring and I’m super happy I made that step. They are Interesting, fun, and very rewarding. They got my confidence up, thinking I might be able to take on rabbits or goats.

  26. Less predator problems for goats, the Nigerians only get to 60 or 70 pounds and produce great milk. We've eaten a few of them and the meat is good, just not near as much as a 120-200 pound Kiko. That could be a benefit as you don't have to store as much meat and the Nigerians are shorter and don't need as high of a fence.

  27. You buy the firearm and do the background check, then relinquish said firearm to the ffl holder so they may transfer the firearm to the winner of the auction after they do their background check. Just did this today with a local shop.

  28. I’ve finally gotten a job where I can actually afford quality gear now thankfully, but it definitely sucks playing catch up. Never cheaped out on anything, but compared to the vast majority of guys here & the general consensus for what’s required for sustainment I have a long way to go since I save for really big purchases. The only thing bad about more money is less time to train with my gear and figure out what I really need so now I just research & read reviews on literally everything including even bare minimum purchases like gloves. This sub has been a tremendous help on what to pickup & schooling me very early on why you buy ceramic or you don’t buy plates. Plates will be inbound probably in 2-3 more checks. Just sucks all the “to-buy” stuff on my list isn’t on sale for Black Friday 😂

  29. I hear you, I'm on a farmers budget but we grow and raise all our food, own 212 acres out right and have 2 ranges on the property, being over 1000 yards. I've got all we need, now I just need more bodies to defend it. Plus having land to run around in your kit is a good time.

  30. Avoiding the damned feds is the hard part about that.

  31. Its not illegal in all 6 states I've lived in and I've taken elk with it as well. Good and ethical shooting does not require a cannon.

  32. 5.56/223 rem with a good expanding bonded bullet works just fine for both. I use 55 grain Speer gold dots myself. I've tagged out on deer and kill hogs as often as they show up on the property. Usually find the bullet just under the hide on the opposite side of deer.

  33. Only one bred so far! Kept the others away so I don't have them all at once. I was thinking to stager them by 2 months so the first round will be weaned when the next one is due

  34. Solid plan, your guna be a full blown hog operation before long. Once you start trading pork for veggies, beef, chicken, and the like you'll really be all set. Thats what we do with goat meat and milk.

  35. If you got 3 bred sows you are fixin to have about 30-40 hogs once they birth. Enjoy all the bacon and pulled pork

  36. The units I used belonged to someone else I worked for as a kid. I couldn’t say whether or not the owners were smart enough to seal it off or not. I just remember the joys of surprise mice popping out as I’m scooping feed in the mornings 😂 It rarely happened, but it did on occasion.

  37. That what cause us to seal it all up haha. We used to make wax bullets for our revolvers that just used a shotgun primer and no powder so we could shoot the mice and rats in their but not risk spooking or hurting any of the live stock.

  38. Woah! That sounds super interesting!! How does that work with no powder? I always thought you had to have powder for the projectile to well… project lol

  39. A 209 shotgun primer has plenty of power to throw a .45 cal wax wadcutter at a few hundred feet per second. You just ream out the primer pocket on the brass. It's what they use for the fast draw competitions as well

  40. Shitty shooting from Hunter A does not grant him any rights to that deer. Hunter B shot and killed the otherwise superficially wounded deer. Hunter A failed and Hunter B killed the deer. Hunter B gets the animal.

  41. Looks like clotted blood to me. I've seen it in multiple whitetails

  42. 260 Remington and 6.5x55 swede are some of my favorites. 30-30 in a nice lever gun is great fun as well. I do most of my hunting now with 223 rem/5.56 because I hunt whitetail and wild hogs. 55 grain Speer gold dot behind the shoulder or in the noggin does it every time with light recoil and light rifles.

  43. Use that pickle juice to soak your chicken in before frying it. Everything else goes to the hogs and chickens

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