1. My advice isn't for OP but the younger guys who don't want to be OP one day. Training light doesn't have to be never going hard or just half assing things. IMO the key to doing something like this at a high level and being able to do it at a high level well into your upper decades, is to get quality mat time without all the wear and tear. My white belt self just focused on heavy intensity rolling as much as I could, and not only was I not very good but I also got hurt. Badly, and a lot. Now I train more than ever and still get in lots of intense rolling, but I supplement that with a lot of drilling and techniques before class and on the side. I scale things down and listen to my body, so when I ask it to do a lot it's able to and keep sustaining.

  2. Youbare a dipshit... he starts a new acct and grinds to GM damn fast.

  3. 1 hour and 20 min is finding a material

  4. Lollolol guy on the left doing some terrible upright rows and horriblely internally rotated Pushups!

  5. I like dead bugs, and bird dogs to work core engagement and strengthen.

  6. I rock lems. Use to wear Vivobarefoot but they take forever and dont last.

  7. First question: do you have a credit card?

  8. I think it's weeding out kidos, but had me sus none the less

  9. Sofi is not a bank. It is a financial services provider + personal financial products (bank is one if them and probably a small player as we go along on SoFi’s journey)

  10. Lots of fintechs have bank charter. Even varo has bank charter. It doesn't mean they are only a bank.

  11. Not a bank and not only a bank are 2 different things tho, no?

  12. Just go drink every 5 mins, fucktard will either have a bunch of yoked fools whoncan donlots of push ups, no students, or drops the dumb rule.

  13. I wonder how this is prevented. Work on heavy clean pulls?

  14. My 2 cents is shoulder external rotation work, and grip strength.

  15. Elbows look too pull inward, and not stay in line with shoulders during front rack

  16. Getting my ass handed to me constantly but in different ways as i try to be less trash.

  17. Not horrible but keep the weight even throughout your foot. It looks like you’re leaning forward when driving back up and your heels are slightly coming off the ground. Depth is good though.

  18. And id add looks to [redacted] at end, indicating lost of core engagement.

  19. If you can make soy sauce from human hair you can also make human hair from soy sauce. I'm going to make billions.

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