1. Wait is this in game? Or is this a mod? Where was this image taken?

  2. Now thats a wide range of tiers. Now you need the casio duro to finish it off

  3. Came to kills bugs and chew bubblegum, and im all out of bubblegum

  4. Seems like an investigation needs to begin. Someone stole your watches face!

  5. That protest was against coal mining! A threat to deep rock galactic!

  6. They have phones to record with but use there heads to move the bricks. Who ever is running this, is evil

  7. A well worn SOG kilowatt , bic pen , 4 way reversable pocket screwdriver , note pad , (flashlight not shown , its a full sized unit)

  8. Let me guess, you keep forgetting where the philips head is and you end up relying heavily on the pocket screwdriver?

  9. Now thats a good boy! I hate coyotes

  10. That is dangerous on so many levels

  11. This is the type of sport we dont talk about

  12. Not american so thats a zero haha. But i had my time

  13. How? The eye will have a different movement pattern in regular timekeeping mode with the stopwatch running lol

  14. But how do you not run out of ammo?

  15. Im buying the table top for the models. They look amazing

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