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  1. Been driving Uber for the past 3 days here. I’ve had many close calls but I grew up in New England. Just want to help people get where they need to go.

  2. Lucio is the most annoying character to play against imo, so seeing he's not getting any closer brings me joy.

  3. Hes also the hardest to be good with , so I disagree, I respect every Lucio main cus wth

  4. Huh? I almost never play Lucio and find it incredibly easy to just keep boop stunning and strafing around tanks as you hold left click. Maybe it’s just me but hes incredibly OP

  5. China was the top viewership of OWL by a really wide margin. The game is getting shut down?

  6. Ahh this is Denton, I live here. Yeah it’s Texas but it’s a mostly left leaning college town so dude shouldn’t be in much danger luckily.

  7. It’s very difficult, but not impossible. I personally wouldn’t pay over sticker ever. I know someone who just got one for a couple grand over

  8. Yeah for sure definitely difficult. I just went with it because it was available and it’s a business expense lol

  9. Hell yeah. It’s a great looking car, as opposed to even let gen Hyundais. I’ve had both Elantra and sonatas and they were great. What color did you go with?

  10. My Elantra was the bright blue one, now my Ioniq 5 is the matte grey one. I like the color a lot :)

  11. I’m really late to this but I’m now thinking, they definitely did this so next time you want to buy a skin for say, 700 coins but you only have 699, you’re gonna have to spent another $5 on coins.

  12. This whole movie is just tremendously overracted. If you played a drinking game where you drank a shot every time Hermoine did some weird shit with her eyebrows it would kill you.

  13. This entire list actually describes my youth unironically with the single exception that Narnia was too wizardy-satanic to be allowed in our household

  14. Oh that’s definitely the ghost sound from P.T. Very spooky indeed.

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