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  2. I thought the head should be the 5 year gator so I didn't up vote

  3. Can’t believe Spenny agreed to sing that song and recreate all those scenes (including Amsterdam). He really loves Kenny!

  4. Well, if you look at the quality of the things that were spenny ideas vs. kenny's idea's you have to have some content that is good. And not just spennies shitty skits!

  5. I would guess that the content not being particularly PG would be the big reason

  6. I know this humiliation wasn't the grossest, but I think it's the most humiliating.

  7. Spenny having to blow his grandpa, was a pretty humiliating, but this is definitely one of my favorites!

  8. Would you like to go to Uranus?

  9. And that's with a professional pant stuffer under his suit

  10. I play Blood DK and any deck that needs to win on board can't beat you. I just played a game where I had 7 full board clears. If your lucky you can pull board clears from discover effects and have just an insane number

  11. I have a conspiracy theory that he's actually gay. The way he says "Yes" when Kenny jokingly asks if he wants him to prove he's Jewish. And the clip when they are walking to the car together. The way he's descending the stairs of the house, he does it in a very specific way, has led to this theory.

  12. Or maybe he has downs syndrome, which makes him act in a way that is not usual, including answering questions inappropriately.

  13. If the live shows are any indication spenny is not capable of being in a productive tv show

  14. No, no - Spencer Rice. He lives in Sault St.Marie!

  15. Kenny dared him to do it for $1000 and Spenny is willing to do almost anything for cash

  16. Spenny stuck a candy cane up his ass and then hung the above decoration from it.

  17. Spenny has lots of experience with this that's why he mentioned it

  18. My favorite thing is the parents' expression to this. Comic gold!

  19. I feel like a lot of these aren't "crimes" but infractions of a statute like the Highway Traffic Act. You aren't criminally charged for a statute violation. Whereas you are criminally charged for violating the criminal code.

  20. Yeah and what do you think of a 10 miles race or a race while on Foot?

  21. Were talking kenny not the reason spenny lost his license

  22. It's not about pay... it's about antacid for your stomach, mannn!

  23. YouTube cracked down on Kenny's aired content he uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately, only tame episodes are what he's uploaded. I'm sure recently a torrent of questions will come in about the Christmas episode and I can only look in the mirror and play with magnets for the time being, wink wink nudge nudge say no more

  24. So your saying its okay for canadian public broadcast but not for YouTube?

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