1. Peace takes two. Peace will happen when Putin is willing to negotiate a settlement that doesn't involve him being allowed to conquer territory by force. I think the US and Ukraine would accept a Russian withdrawal to internationally recognized borders in exchange for some sanction relief and only having to pay token reparations. (And immunity to the higher ups from war crime tribunals).

  2. Peace will happen when Xi and Putin lie dead beneath the Star Spangled Banner.

  3. Honestly, the inability to reign in the Freikorps by the SPD and the resulting killing of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht was a massive mistake.

  4. Honestly, the T-62 is a bad tank, but throw ERA on it and replace the turret with a BMP-2 or 3 turret and it would be a terrifying AFV.

  5. Sir, the sensors are detecting a large presence of based content of the starboard side.

  6. Why do I see what looks like an M107? Dear God in heaven please say they are not going to release another premium artillery?

  7. No thats the tier 9 premium UDES medium without its tracks on it.

  8. Clear lines of fire and automatic weapons? Only thing your missing is a row of claymores ready to turn anything that sets foot on your property to aerosolized chunky salsa.

  9. I don’t understand if he thought the gun was not using live rounds and had been told that it wasnt then was it his fault? Im totally up for someobe to change my mind on this btw, im not that versed in gun saftey, the law or even the specific events that took place on set

  10. Bullets are the ultimate cure for totalitarianism/authoritarianism, any attempt to disarm a free people should be met with force as it is a precursor to oppression and totalitarianism.

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