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  1. Owned a GBP2 for about 3 months now and use it for 10-15 hours a week mostly with heavy word processing. Great battery life with light tasks and I have had no issues with build quality, it's still in pristine condition even though I've hit my earbuds on the lid a few times. Definitely a finger print magnet if you get the grey model but they come out fairly easily unlike some soft touch matte finishes that are frankly pretty gross imo. I think the pro models especially on the 2nd gen and 13inch have substantially improved sturdiness compared to the 15" or gen 1 models. My only real complaint is that the hinge is just a tad wobbly for my tastes, but almost all 360 degree laptops have less sturdy hinges than a conventional one. If I'm typing on my lap or someone is moving around at a table I'm at I'll get some wobble but it's totally manageable. Also I do baby my devices and love to keep them in great shape so my book lives inside a neoprene case most of the time, so keep that in mind as well. Unless you're particularly rough with the device I can see it lasting for quite a number of years. Also I went for a i5 16gb model and I'd highly recommend that because it already gets quite hot and thermal throttles under heavy load very quickly as it is so I can't imagine the i7 would even be that much faster. The heat isn't an issue for my workloads but if you're doing anything more than content consumption or light office work I might at least consider something else. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. This is exactly why I think this show is underrated. It gives you room to interpret things how each viewer wants to interpret them. I think most things in this show that are supernatural or unexplained can be explained away by various means. I think your theory totally works and is a valid way to interpret that ending. Definitely not my favorite Flanagan show but people aren't quite giving it the credit it deserves imo.

  3. 580 Canadian, but I'm also considering waiting for it to drop, according to price history it's hit around $510 before

  4. I recently did the same with some Ballistix 3600 cl16 sticks. Work perfectly with XMP on. I'm on B550 with a 5600X.

  5. Unfortunately I barely understood RAM when I built this PC a few years ago and went for high frequency without the knowledge of the importance CAS latency. Part of me wants to get a new 32GB kit just so I get lower timings but I'm not sure that's worth the extra money. Plus, kits with nice timings and frequencies really jump up in price quick. Good to hear your managing four sticks of the same though, gives me confidence in that option.

  6. Curious as I am, I looked it up and found a video on YouTube comparing 3600 cl16 and cl18:

  7. Interesting, this was tested at 1080p with a 10700k and 3070 too so I imagine that everything was very CPU bound. Ryzen is different too, and I've heard that it's much more fussy about its RAM. So many variables in PC building it's hard to even keep track of. But overall I think since I'm mostly just looking for capacity the cost of a lower CL set is probably more than is worth it for me, though it's definitely something to keep in mind for my inevitable DDR5 build down the line. Thanks for the link though, interesting to see the difference.

  8. That software can be useful at times but it doesn't really give you context as to exactly how far behind your hardware is in each category. What I would recommend doing instead is looking up benchmarks on YouTube and/or using passmark (a site that assigns a score to hardware) to see how far ahead or behind your hardware is in comparison to recommended system requirements. As far as stray goes I don't think that it would be doable on the GB Pro, even at a resolution like 720p. It's a fairly demanding game. However, steam does have a 2 hour refund policy and I would always recommend taking advantage of that if you're unsure. I would also recommend checking out gamepass streaming/GeForce now if you're looking to play games on this laptop. On a screen this size and resolution of 1080p streaming artifacts will be less noticeable. Personally I don't love these streaming services because of latency/lack of game ownership but many people don't even notice or care about these issues.

  9. Love the watch face but I can't get the bottom centre complication to work, no matter what I set it to. It's the one that's default to sunset time I think.

  10. I own GB2P360 and Buds 2 Pro. I have to test it better but it seem that latency is bit better than Buds Pro. I will do some more test soon

  11. Thank you so much! I'd love some opinions from buds 2 pro owners, especially because I'm thinking about upgrading to that exact pairing. If the latency was closer to 150ms I think I'd be fine with it but 300-350 for the buds plus is just pretty brutal for content consumption.

  12. Thank you so much! I'd love some opinions from buds 2 pro owners, especially because I'm thinking about upgrading to that exact pairing. If the latency was closer to 150ms I think I'd be fine with it but 300-350 for the buds plus is just pretty brutal for content consumption.

  13. Stunning model, especially with the weathering and cockpit, it looks incredible! I've been wanting to get into this hobby for awhile after watching plenty of youtube and lurking this sub for awhile, but I'm curious how long a paintjob/build like this takes?

  14. Have you tried seeing if it detects the device as an option for recording input in the windows sound control panel? If there's both an output and input on your device it might be defaulting exclusively to the output. If there's nothing there my only other suggestions are run Samsung update to see if there's any firmware updates or buy an external DAC. One of those little dongles that does USB-C to 3.5mm should do it, just make sure it has support for inputs as well.

  15. I connect the buds to my W11 PC to check the latency.

  16. Do you get automatic latency sync through W11 in YouTube/Netflix or other streaming services? I have buds plus and I have to use a browser extension in order to counteract Bluetooth latency.

  17. That's weird, i have a few bluetooth IEMs and headphones and they sync up with youtube on W11, including these. I don't have netflix.

  18. Is this without any settings tweaking? I'm thinking that it's probably due to the buds plus being a pretty old model now. I'd like to upgrade but I still love these buds and I can't really justify it with how well they're still holding up.

  19. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have a switch myself, but my girlfriend has desperately wanted to play animal crossing and the pokemon games for ages, and I haven't been able to get enough money together to get one for her but this is a great opportunity to introduce her to the wonderful world of the switch. Good luck everyone!

  20. Been in the same situation before, also with CIBC. I gave the customer service line a call and they told me to give it a few business days and it’ll appear, and it did approx 4 business days after. They told me to deposit cash into chequing and then transfer from there to avoid the wait time in the future. Hope that helps :)

  21. Thank you so much this is exactly what I was hoping to hear! I'll give it a few days and if nothing happens I'll check in with customer service. And yes I will definitely just be depositing into chequing in the future to avoid this mess.

  22. I also use cibc, but I honestly have never done that direct transaction. Everything we have goes in the main hequing account and then transferred as needed. But its usually there within a day.

  23. Appreciate the info, yeah I should have just played it safe and went right into the main account instead of trying to take a shortcut. Oh well.

  24. That's some good luck you had there, I've gotten nil in almost all my blisters I've opened. Thanks for doing this!

  25. Yeah it was bizarre, I'm not sure if it was an intentional anomaly or not but it had the set logo and everything

  26. Old easter egg, you can search it up on YouTube.

  27. I figured, makes sense that the shop had it for only 4$ then. Still love the card though! Thanks for the info.

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