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Rebekah Jones is running up against Matt Gaetz and had a wild story about Florida’s continued attempts to silence her. Let’s make her famous.

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  1. I hate naming it after a company but if we have to, how about a company that will still be around a year from now

  2. It's a pretty huge company. In Miami alone they have like 5,000 employees. If you've ever been in Brickell you see people from their company walking around everywhere.

  3. Oh no. I've never said we should trade for Beal. Just said he wasn't mid and that he's better than Herro (he still is), but go off

  4. This shouldn't even be debatable. At their current skill and performance, Beal is way better of a player.

  5. Damn dude. The fucking weirdos come in sweatpants not gonna lie. Reddit be some real love brow motherfuckers.

  6. Rft. I have friends that have stripped. Guys who come in sweatpants , they cringe.

  7. I have been shouting this from the rooftops for years. I’m not about to drive somewhere to pay 3x the price for drinks so some girl who doesn’t want to talk to me can pretend to like me for money WHILE ME AND THE BOYS ARE ALL ERECT?! Nah. I’m out.

  8. At least where I am from, stripclubs are known to have affordable drinks so that people can have their inhibitions Lord and spend more money on the strippers. Also the notion of not being able to have anything done to you at a strip club is hilariously wrong.

  9. It’s not that I’m unaware you can pay for sex. I just personally find the whole thing to be incredibly awkward and embarrassing. It’s just my opinion. People are gonna do what they want and that’s cool. I just personally see it similarly to say masterbating with a buddy.

  10. If a higher force doesn't exist, then how do you explain how perfectly in tune everything in the universe works?

  11. Have you ever heard about the laws of physics? Also finely in tune is a huge stretch considering it is more accurately described as chaos.

  12. Laws of physics? Okay, who created these Laws then?

  13. I would sell a testicle to have udoka over that fucking milk dud with crossed arms

  14. Ive seen about three realtors and multiple properties; they have lied to me about: Price, Requirements, Availability, Downpayment (apartment), Fees, That they have clients that live in the building.

  15. I'm a real estate broker in miami. I will be the first to say that Miami real estate agents are atrocious. They can get drunk on a Saturday and have an epiphany and by next Saturday get their license. The course is a joke and you just need a GED. The course teaches you nothing about how to be a real estate agent and it literally comes by trial by fire. That coupled with the fact that a lot of Miami business people are shady to begin with makes for a terrible reputation. Sorry to hear you're dealing with a bunch of idiots. Many agents just send properties to their clients without properly taking the time to vet them and making sure it's a fit.

  16. Nothing satan-related to tentacle appendages, horns, feminism, and abortion?

  17. Oh yeah. The lies women are told in our culture has led to a massive mental health crisis among women, and we haven’t seen the end of it. Just wait until these feminists end up old and alone, wasting the most valuable skill ANY human has. I shudder to comprehend the authoritarianism with which they will act. Satan is the Father of these Lies.

  18. Claiming they have a mental health crisis for wanting to be treated the same as men while spewing this paragraph is the type of cognitive dissonance I haven't seen in quite some time. Have a great day buddy!

  19. glad you're ok with people walking around wanting minorities dead as long as they keep it to themselves lmao

  20. Lmfao this is the type of crazy hyperbole we should try to combat. Not every conservative has these feelings, get off the internet.

  21. Dude are you joking with headline? Women like this shit. Then turn around an use social media to complain about it.

  22. The lady not leashing her dog, should leash her fucking dog.

  23. Have y’all ever had jobs? Saying some shit like this in another professional setting would definitely be a big deal, and he did this in a public/broadcasting role. I think a decent apology was more than called for.

  24. Raping can have multiple connotations buddy. I have heard in the context of sports, raping literally my whole life. No one, in my entire life has ever been triggered or upset when talking about a defender raping them. People need thicker skin.

  25. You're right, because when someone says that they were murdered when getting dunked on, or that they "caught a body" , they 100% mean they killed someone. It is a figure of speech that is not in correlation with actually physically raping somebody. We have to stop trying to find ways to be offended.

  26. We just use up our hate on the packers and bears and have none left over for each other.

  27. By highlighting that you are incorrect? A religion is a belief in a God or God's. Athiesm is simply not believing that. There's no structure or set of rules that are followed as it isn't a belief system.

  28. Idk what to tell you. I'm not even athiest, it's just having an understanding of what they are, which shouldn't be difficult.

  29. 😂😂🤣😂🤣u can look it up urself one by one and see who owns the media

  30. And if you do that, you see that it is not just a bunch of Jewish people like that list makes it appear.

  31. Hey man thanks for the name calling, I'm not even defending Ye on any of his points, just doubting the validity of the meme that's it.

  32. "Hey man I was called out for my confidently incorrect statement after asking you to stop talking from your gut feelings. When you provided facts it made me get defensive." Lmfao.

  33. You're literally spewing false rhetoric , there's no point in providing a rebuttal if you believe a specific religious caste is controlling some sort of global agenda. You are beyond reasoning with if that's your stance.

  34. i’m not mad at all lmao it’s hilarious and it sounds like you’re part of the pissed off group. he didn’t even say anything explicitly antisemitic and he’s being blackballed and smeared which is just ironically proving the shit he did say

  35. This just tells me you have no clue how far reaching Adidas as a brand is. Product and distribution is not something that can be done at the scale he had with Adidas. He will be losing so much money and he will never recoup it going on his own.

  36. They’re gonna tell you your handsome and funny so you give them all your yuan lmfao I guarantee they don’t care that much or think that

  37. Not always true. Sometimes they actually mean it. I've had friends go out on dates with strippers after meeting them at the club. It happens more often than you think.

  38. That just sounds like prostitution with extra steps.

  39. Yea man, God forbid two people find one another attractive and start dating. Lol

  40. ha! tried googling "shouldn't you people be in Florida picking the crops instead of yelling at me?!?" and there were no results. Then when I duckduckgo'd it, pages and pages of results. wow.

  41. You have that freedom because someone died to give you that freedom.

  42. Therefore we should pledge allegiance to the country? Because someone 200 years ago fought to form independence from Britain? How about when our own government in multiple instances throughout it's history attacked its own people? Nationalism is a plague to the human species.

  43. It's easy to see who the fascists are in any society. They are the ones trying to take away the guns.

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