1. Sorry I tried to check the subreddit but didn’t see the post so I just uploaded it

  2. Yeah bitlife usually post iOS and android completion so I think they get different leaderboards

  3. Why should you get a second try for heirloom for free?

  4. Just the way you said it acting like I want it so bad for free 🤷‍♂️

  5. Do you have a plane, helicopter or a boat?

  6. I would’ve been higher because I was thinking about starting a weed business on that’s save but the demand was low

  7. Look for near the top of startups it might be illegal in your city or country

  8. I get the update actually, I update my game ( 3.3.1 ) but the company didn’t go with my child when I’m dying so weird …

  9. Yeah android has it because Google accepts apps and updates faster than Apple

  10. You can now cuz of part 2 of the update but you’ll have to be 18 and part 2 isn’t out on iOS yet

  11. Andddddd now your game is going to be extremely slow. I figured out the update and was able to turn 5 billion into 2 trillion BUT now I’m purposely at 250 billion because my game was so slow that there is a physical delay when trying to do simple tasks or even change the year. When I play on any other save, no issue. I have an iPhone 13 Pro, so i shouldn’t have any issues.

  12. It still has to get approved by the App Store so I might add an extra day at most

  13. Is it gonna be another copy paste?

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