1. Yeah, and what did she get? A slap on the wrist, I bet. It's never as harsh as when a man does it.

  2. Because the word "rape" by definition (dependant on country) involves penetration. So a woman can only rape a man by sticking something up his butt. Everything else is considered sexual assault at worst.

  3. Davide has spent the last 7 years as his dad's assistant going from major European club to major European club coaching some of the best players in the world in the process. He's 33 which is very young for a manager. He's the same age as Coleman but I can get way more invested in this and back this guy to the hilt that dyche or bielsa. Make it happen.

  4. World's Edge is either you hot drop fragment or play loot simulator until you find the last 4 squads. Original world's Edge was far more enjoyable

  5. Can you imagine the 1st day at training? Yerry Mina would fall apart at the seams. Gray, McNeil, Doucoure and Davies might have heart failure. On the upside Godfrey will be in his element but he might injure everyone with crunching tackles...including himself.

  6. Honestly I thought they would improve the game after the angry reception in a sort of no man's sky type resurrection given the reputation of the companies involved but they just kinda let the game and their reputation rot away in its own filth until the inevitable happened.

  7. Four whole eggs? Are you a millionaire? Lol

  8. That's just the cake mix. There's another 2 in the cream filling.

  9. As a 90's kid it goes Cap, Thor, Ironman, Vision, Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye, Wonderman. Shout outs to Atlas, Justice, Firebird, Ms Marvel and Mockingbird aside from the obvious few.

  10. SpongeBob has forever been overrated and I'm too old for the Ninjago TV show. Phineas and Ferb was high quality and honestly a good depiction of what some hot summer days were like for kids before the internet.

  11. Depression killed my routine for a solid couple of years. Gotten back into it in recent months but my teeth are in a really bad place for it. Addressing that issue now but I hate/fear the dentist with a passion. Wish me luck.

  12. Classic Everton. Being linked with an aged reject who has accepted his own mediocrity. It's like the club is motivated to fail.

  13. Of course I would still support Everton but I may well take a step back from football for a bit. The World Cup allowed me to just enjoy football. This whole Everton situation is too much stress and pain. The football is literally worse than Sunday league but I'm emotionally invested for some wild reason. Hard to explain but it would be nice to just enjoy a football match again.

  14. Avatar. The James Cameron one, not the Nickelodeon cartoon. Well actually the live action nickelodeon one is also supremely awful.

  15. I get that people are upset. Football is a sport that's fueled by passion and emotion but they've totally crumbled any mound of moral high ground that was built by those using the means of peaceful protest. We're basically just watching a few grown adults lose total control over their emotions.

  16. Cap with mjolnir and the shield. Inevitable but satisfying none the less.

  17. Good catch. None of these guys are close to the first team nowadays thankfully

  18. I would kill to see another 30 yard screamer from the very least he can cross a ball.

  19. Coleman as his assistant when all is said and done and I will go down with the ship with a brave salute and a smile on my face. They know the Everton way as well as anyone possibly could. The real Everton way. Would it work out? I don't know, I really hope it would but I would back them till the end. Bainesy was the left footed Philip Lahm and Coleman is the Irish Cafu. Them lads surely have an intelligent footballing brain?

  20. Judging by the era that the car is from it would appear she spent more on accessories.

  21. Well I'm not optimistic about our chances of staying up tbh.

  22. Take your shoes off in public and you will suffer broken feet. Shoes are staying on. They're nasty and no one needs to smell them.

  23. Washed feet and clean socks don’t smell…

  24. Not sure if this helps but, as a man, I can say that boob size does not matter to us at all. All boobs are great boobs and we appreciate them.

  25. I'm so done with this shit. The whole club from top to bottom is an actual laughing stock. It's embarrassing to even think about how much we spent on players who barely pass for footballers on their best days. You know what? They're the most successful group of prostitutes I've ever seen. They get paid such ridiculous wages to go out and just get fuckin railed every week.

  26. He's 24. A year younger than Dom. He should've either been playing for us or sold 2 or 3 years ago.

  27. They may be wearing harnesses but they don't look to be attached to anything

  28. I think you might have misunderstood what I was saying. The only time it didn’t kick my ass was shortly after getting vaccinated.

  29. What they're saying is that because you already had COVID your body had built up a natural response with how to deal with it thereafter. While the science says the vaccine will have undoubtedly helped it can't be considered the only variable in this hypothesis.

  30. Fuck all cos there's not a player on the planet currently who can look at Everton and say "that looks like a club on the rise." I've already accepted it so it can't hurt when it happens.

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