1. Unfortunately, it's going to be changed to Shun Mizushino (just in the Japanese version?) and the Jeju Island Arc is going to be changed to some other island instead. Likewise, the Japanese being somewhat of antagonists for some of this arc will be changed to a fictional country. Idk how this affects Goto Ryuji etc but yeah.

  2. The names are localized in the JP version but in the English trailer the names are all correct, leading me to believe the names will be correct in both the subtitles and the dubs.

  3. my character seeks revenge because some old drunk guy raped his dog mother

  4. That was literally the most badass thing I have ever seen in a video game wtf

  5. Just Cause 3, it's just Michael Bay movies turned into a video game.

  6. I don't know but I want to fight whoever started it

  7. Yutapon cubes, not invented by but popularised by Yutaka Nakamura. And they are prevalent in part because of their ease in animation rather than irregular debris shapes.

  8. I think much of why many people are anti men these days is grounded, and much of it is ungrounded. That being said if you want to change peoples’ minds, being a kind, understanding role model I think is the way to do it.

  9. Honestly this is the exact rhetoric I expect from a guy named Mufasa lol. Cheers.

  10. Is Kami able to bring people back to life? He's a Namekian, so he might be able to heal, but can he raise the dead?

  11. One can only raise the dead with Dragon Balls. They can heal people from near death, though.

  12. I'm hoping the changes are small enough that the dub can use the original place names

  13. Don't see why not. Tower of God did it, and the names were correct in the Crunchyroll trailer.

  14. I mean he's like, anime 12. Those kids are built different lol.

  15. Moving away from video games, this is a big problem I had with the original DBZ. We always heard about how even the weakest of the Z Warriors could casually destroy planets by the end of the series, and yet the scale of the battles never seemed to move beyond that of the Frezia saga, with that only recently changing with Super's arrival, and even then it hasn't been consistent.

  16. We also had God of Highschool come around, where they have characters literally use planets as projectiles.

  17. Gosu, God of Highschool (low-key hurts to say that second one)

  18. How do you think he gets from queens to manhattan island? Not a whole lot of skyscrapers to swing from. And even then he’s gotta get across the bridge. Does he like… suit up and then catch a bus?

  19. One option is he actually rides on top of a train. The was at least one show where he did that regularly.

  20. I can't belive that with all of these good webtoons no one ever mentioned "Ordeal" from Brent Bristol.

  21. Omniscient Reader's art is clean, which is expected of Redice stuff.

  22. I wonder if there's a reason for this? Are kicks harder to draw? Are punches seen as more heroic / protagonist-y?

  23. I'd definitely say the former is an aspect. Coming up with choreography based on kicks needs a lot more study of anatomy to look right I think.

  24. It went on a little long but I love Mujin and the end. Still one of my favourites.

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