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  1. How about these dummies swing the the millions to the non elite class

  2. Straight lying POS! We got duped folks and now they reap the benefits of our passivity

  3. On top of the already 65% chance it was currently at. Sounds right

  4. They latch on to your passivity and steal right beneath your noses

  5. More curious where that money goes. If spend 100 on 100 shares and 75 of those get routed to dark pools, where or who does that 75 dollars go too?

  6. Remain passive, while they steal your savings via high inflation and high taxes, it’s what they do. We let them get away with it

  7. Stop living in the past. Current admin knew and shoulda done something. Take responsibility

  8. Then make those execs who cashed out on stocks pay back that money before it crashed.

  9. Make them pay it back and then send them to jail.

  10. Fuck that slimy motherfucking fraudster ruining our financial system

  11. They should have been margin calling two years ago. Instead they relied on the strings of the reverse repo and failed miserably

  12. Not if they bail them out! They need to let them crash

  13. Precious metals, buy tangible goods with value such as property, vehicles, boats, anything with intrinsic value where price / value can easily increase. Livestock could be another. But whatever you do, keep the shit out of banks. They will pillage your savings

  14. And they keep suppressing and naked shorting stock prices. When will people understand actions speak louder than words

  15. I really hope they don’t bail them out. This needs to happen in order to start from scratch. We need true wealth transfer

  16. Usually the opposite is true when they come out publicly. Never believe these thieving pricks

  17. They can go suck off!! We need to just start our own bartering system. Move away from this Ponzi scheme we call the dollar. It’s modified slavery that keeps us beholden to Tue current system

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