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  1. I always do. I bind it to one of my paddles, and it saves me more often than I would like. I usually pick it up with enough for a full extended mag, loot the first compound, and load it up with attachments. Then I drop whatever ammo is left over and go for it.

  2. I usually try to find one that shares ammo with my primary if I'm running an SMG. Unless I find a Scorpion or P18. Having one of those is like having an SMG as a backup.

  3. If you shoot better you would not need the pistol.

  4. Yes, not my best. I've gotten used to having the 2x on my gun.

  5. You don't have to look that hard. He has a whole IG account dedicated to it.

  6. Well, son, it's like this. When a team from the B1G East and the B1G West love each other very much, they will meet each other in a very special place called the B1G Conference Championship, where they can freely express that love to one another.

  7. The collections you can see you've completed once you become Pro or higher.

  8. It's none of these things. It's studio execs learning the wrong lessons from certain successes. Marvel being successful suddenly made studios think they had to have a connected cinematic universe.

  9. I like the anal beads around his neck very classy Ohio

  10. Osu fan here. This guy is awesome!

  11. Pffft! Of course you would say that! Go back to crying into your bowl of breakfast buckeyes!

  12. TIL that simply asking if anyone has ever seen a LB page with hidden reviews means I'm trying to stir the pot. Thanks for your insight, sir.

  13. Maybe you're not trying to stir the pot and you are naive enough to not realize that Matt Walsh's movie that's all about discriminating against trans people is just a giant troll of a movie. I'm just a little too jaded by all the "I'm just asking questions" guys to take it as that at face value.

  14. If you don't know who or what any of that is, count yourself lucky. Matt Walsh is a vile, bigoted human being whose "movie" shouldn't even be on this site.

  15. Lol, are they seriously saying that if it wasn't for Michigan scoring, Ohio State would've won? No fucking shit, Sherlock. That's how games work.

  16. He's such a fucking chode, and so are the people that worship him.

  17. Honestly, this was one of the best defensive plays I've seen in a very long time. Just spectacular.

  18. This is a little unhinged. I'm on record that I think they've become a bit too formulaic, but I have never felt the need to write a manifesto like this.

  19. As much as I hate this team, I don't think we ought to be mocking a young man showing emotion like this.

  20. Did they all forget how he embarrassed the program and was fired??

  21. They probably don't care or have short-term memory, and they just want him back because he actually beat Michigan.

  22. I understand the narrative took hold with the injury concerns, the game in Columbus, the perceived revenge factor but the overwhelming number of people who picked OSU, mostly in a blowout, was shameful.

  23. There have always been ebbs and flows in this rivalry, and they seem to have forgotten that.

  24. I'm sitting here like, "Who the fuck is TTUN?" Took me a minute, lol. What a douche nozzle.

  25. No. They don't ever really do updates on them unless there is expressed permission from those involved.

  26. Thank you for mentioning this. The Tech Noir scene is one of my absolute favorites. I know T2 is a better movie but The Terminator has so many fantastic scenes as well.

  27. It's funny how every single one of his points can easily be refuted.

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