1. Because the money tree, which is located in my spacious and private backyard, and is positioned in between the infinity pool and the helipad, hasn't bloomed, just yet. Maybe it will tomorrow.

  2. I’m a passenger but I have a question about some of the responses I’ve seen here. Apparently a lot of drivers instantly cancel if passengers call them while they’re in the queue, but the reason I call my drivers before is because they’re at least 10+ minutes away and want to make sure they won’t cancel when they’re closer and get the destination.

  3. I'm no driver, but if it was me; of just assume every one is going to be a problem until otherwise proved wrong.

  4. You're not even a driver and you just said the smartest thing I've read so far.

  5. Never wait, rate immediately, don't count or wait on a tip, grocery run rarely if ever tip. I don't do groceries nor laundry, it's a hassle and never tip.

  6. Oh i never count on tips. I expect not to get them. I just sometimes used to give 5 stars to people who I really wanted to low rate, and give them a chance to tip before making the final decision to low-rate, and then go back and change their rating if a tip doesn't come through. But yeah, even though I submitted the request, they're saying I can't change it.

  7. You can change it. Go to Earnings Activity, select the ride you want to rate, hit the question mark icon at the top right and then select “Rider Was Rude”

  8. I rate drivers less than 5 sometimes but still tip them. It’s a smaller tip than they would have gotten but unless we die they get something

  9. Yup. This is how decent people behave. You provided a service, you get a tip. Bad service, small tip. Great service, larger tip.

  10. Some people (they are rare) will tip every driver, just as common courtesy, just like even if you get bad service at restaurant, you still at least give 15%.

  11. No extra service on promise of a tip, only upon receipt of a tip, prior to the service. No cash? I take PayPal and Venmo. Which will you be using today?

  12. The COMMUNITY, not the mods, makes the decisions here (except for Reddit rules)

  13. It’s the internet. Nobody posts stories about how good things are. It’s only bitter angry hate.

  14. No. Lyft is objectively terrible. The only drivers who use Lyft are the ones who aren't allowed on Uber anymore.

  15. Go on about MA.😏 Boston is their second hottest market.

  16. I am ready to be paid more for the work I do in this fine city. Give 'em Hell!

  17. 3-4 p.m. so you can get good parking, catch soundcheck, hang on lot for a while, and not have to rush going in.

  18. I've gotta imagine that something about the way you corrected him played a part, like, maybe you were snarky and condescending about it.

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