1. Denis Villenueve was smart by getting arguably four of the biggest actors that appeal to the Gen Z crowd in this movie in Chalamet, Zendaya, Butler and Pugh.

  2. This movie is going to be absolutely massive isn’t it?

  3. Don’t forget Florence Pugh. Add on top of that Denis Villenueve one of the best directors working today and you got a winner.

  4. Still can’t believe he wasted a golden ticket on being a T.O

  5. Honestly I wish he used it to become a detective instead.

  6. Nolan got a golden ticket for his adventure in the desert. That’s how he got to be a TO without waiting 2 years for the next test. He also had the option to be a detective or any other job that he wanted.

  7. Is the golden ticket a real thing for cops irl? Or is it just a plot device for the show?

  8. No. Tasha mentioned him to Angela before they set him up for the Ray Ray murder. And I don’t think Kanan knew much about her from what I remember.

  9. If Kanan knew about her he probably would’ve killed her or have gotten in her head like he did Tariq. Missed opportunity on OG Power imo.

  10. Honestly it works out for Pedro Pascal since he’s already the lead of another high profile show in The Mandalorian.

  11. Bella Ramsey has potential to get an Emmy nomination with how deep and dark the story of Part 2 goes.

  12. Can’t wait to see who gets cast as Abby I’m sure whoever it is the internet will throw a hissy fit.

  13. Nolan and Gray are around the same age. That’s all I know.

  14. Wouldn’t be surprised if Big Sky gets renewed just because of Jensen Ackles being in it he has a huge fanbase.

  15. Another good episode but I'm just wondering whether in this case, the murderers will face justice or not.. being talked about in a murder podcast is not evidence.. Police will probably reopen the case though

  16. I assume Charlie didn’t have enough time to fully nail them with Cliff being right on her tail so she probably just gave all the evidence to the podcast lady and got out of dodge.

  17. Effie betrayed him twice and killed the girl he actually loved

  18. I don’t think Effie hates Cane, as she went to him for advice on Lauren. And I don’t think Tariq has the juice to kill Cane or Effie so it would work.

  19. There’s a pretty high chance that Tariq kills Effie in Season 3. She betrayed him twice and killed someone he genuinely loved.

  20. Force. A show with Tommy as the lead should’ve been much more interesting and entertaining than what we got with the first season.

  21. How would you have changed season 1 plot wise?

  22. Well for one I would’ve made Liliana survive. I also would’ve had someone kill Walter Flynn instead. I would’ve had Tommy actually takeover a section of Chicago by the end of the season.

  23. Everything about this sounds great but my only concern is Lily Rose Depp. She seems out of her depth here. But I guess this is the movie where we will find out if she’s actually talented or is just another talentless nepotism kid.

  24. This is the first role I found Noah Centineo good in probably because he wasn’t pretending to be a 17 year old in high school.

  25. Michael Rainey Jr deserves a lot more credit. The Tariq character isn’t an easy character to play.

  26. They should’ve made Britt Robertson the lead of the show instead of Niecy Nash.

  27. I would 100% watch an Eric Winter lead show over .

  28. The Rookie is the only network tv show worth watching everything else is horrible imo everything else I watch is on a streamer.

  29. He’s either going to get killed by Davis or someone close to him will become collateral damage like Jenny Sullivan.

  30. Perfection of a character. Meaning we need her role in the series. Obviously she has many many flaws

  31. Her character isn’t perfect in the slightest. Mary J isn’t even good in the role. Patina Miller does miles of a better job playing the Queenpin role on Raising Kanan. She’s going to get killed off eventually it’s already been foreshadowed. Diana will probably be the one to do it.

  32. Lorenzo is a dead man walking once the truth comes out that he killed Zeke. Dirty Diana is probably going to be the one to find out first.

  33. Yup and then it was later revealed Chadwick Boseman had cancer and Bruce Willis was diagnosed with Aphasia which literally effected his ability to act. All the shitty DTV movies he’s done the last 3 years was to just secure enough money for his family.

  34. Book 2 is obviously targeted more to teenagers and the Gen Z crowd compared to the OG show and other spin-offs I think Starz requested Mary J and Method Man be added to the show because they were afraid if it was just focused on the younger characters no one would watch.

  35. I mean it was pretty obvious Tariq Brayden and Diana would survive Season 3.

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