1. You didn’t say what you are doing but it’s hard to work full time and also be new on the job and also often be the least experience person there.

  2. These people are all from my past. Even though some of them aren't around me anymore, their words and actions have brutally messed up my mind so bad that it may take many years or if impossible to repair my self-esteem.

  3. Anything you can do to shift the paradigm would be helpful. Maybe something like you pity those small people in your past who had nothing better to do than to diminish you because it made them feel powerful. Perhaps feel some compassion for your younger, more sensitive self and think through some of the incidents and make a plan for how you will deal with it if someone treats you like that again. There is a great book called the Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense that is a great all-purpose book for adults but don’t be afraid to laugh or come up with a couple of one liners to put them in their place.

  4. No, for the simple fact that trans women can't get pregnant, apart from that, the penis itself doesn't bother me and anal is nice

  5. Are you saying you are bi or that you just aren’t thinking that you would need to reciprocate?

  6. Consider signing up for LegalShield. I’m in CA and they recommended a great lease. The main thing is that your Mom takes whatever time it takes to find great tenants.

  7. Consider reading and/or sharing the book When Bad Things Happen to Good People. It may help bring some peace to your gf.

  8. I was in the same situation and got paid. I had to call several times but did eventually talk to a person who was helpful.

  9. I used ketamine before I got pregnant and had to stop when I got pregnant

  10. My experience is that if you do this, they will be hitting you up for something more in a couple months. Just say not at this time.

  11. Get the largest amount of security deposit permitted by law and make sure they know your objective is for you to have a great relationship and then for you to be able to return every cent. Tenant Right is better than Tenant Right Now. Pick wisely - treat kindly. Great tenants are amazing and bad tenants can destroy your property and make you get the sheriff to drag them out.

  12. I’m not sure that it’s a good idea to put medical professionals in a position where they have to judge if you are there because of drug seeking behavior on your part. If you don’t want something on your permanent medical record, omit it. Take the first dose as they recommend and then tell them the truth about your experience and let them adjust as they see fit.

  13. I’m interested, too. I hope someone responds. Were there any changes? (Like did you miss watering or over water or move it or anything?)

  14. Roughly guessing your age from your life events, I would urge you to consider looking at having your hormones tested by a medical organization that specializes in hormones. There are many companies that have a science based approached based on labwork. My spouse’s attitude has turned around 180 degrees. Like he is functional and working on positive things every day now. He was depressed for a very long time and would not try ketamine or other antidepressants. Check out the Defy Medical website. They are in Florida but do telehealth.

  15. I highly recommend “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” I pray your family finds peace.

  16. In California, 1% of the amount you paid for the property with slight annual increases.

  17. You've been told what needs to be done. A good caregiver is able to put their loved one's present and future wellbeing over their own distaste for upsetting the applecart. Are there any other family members that are willing to do what's necessary to protect your Mom? This is merely the beginning of the tough work of being a caregiver and the legally responsible party for someone with dementia. Be honest with yourself about your capabilities and willingness, and find someone else to step in if you can't. Someone else will do it eventually if you don't, but you might not like who that person is or the condition of your Mom's affairs once it gets to that point.

  18. Thanks. The biggest problem is that Mom think she’s fine and wants to stay in her house. I understand through this sub that moving later will be even more disorienting. I’m wondering if asking a neighbor to be a conservator is too big of an ask. Mom has a good neighbor who used to be an attorney and I trust her very much.

  19. When people behave like vultures and take advantage of people like this makes me angry beyond any measurement.

  20. They have small hands so it’s easier for them. I bet they couldn’t pick up a case of beads and put it on the top shelf like you can. Everyone has their own abilities.

  21. Are you struggling with how to ignore him politely? Have you tried “Thanks for your advice” or “I’ll take that under advisement”? Outside of events, there are only opinions and perspectives. He gets his and you get yours. Accept that and you can stop caring.

  22. I advise you to consult a lawyer. If you are in different states in the US, you could have different rules. I do have experience with an MCI spouse. In my opinion, it would be difficult/impossible to manage an MCI patient long distance. Perhaps your sister feels justified in her actions since she is the primary caregiver? I don't know, but her lawyer should have advised her to consult with you in any case. Mine requested that I consult with my stepdaughter before making certain considerations in our will.

  23. Thanks. My sister has never been the primary caregiver and she thinks she’s justified to make all the decisions because she is there. I do visit Mom and take care of a lot of things when I’m there. I am joining her on a telemedicine call this week to see if there is any help for her memory. The writing is on the wall, though, if people are starting to line up with their hands out. I can’t sponsor Mom’s memory care if she gives all her money away. And I’m hesitant to trot Mom to a lawyer and make the rest of the family upset but this sister won’t reply to my emails and texts. Maybe an independent conservator is an option. Your advise is reasonable. I’m sorry about your MCI spouse. That’s very hard :(

  24. It sounds like your sister stepped forward and did what needed to be done while you did nothing but hope that it would get changed by someone else in the future to something you prefer.

  25. Thanks for your response. I actually oversaw Mom’s finances since Dad died and then two other family members got Mom to sign all her assets over to them. When I found out, Mom sued them but the local sister used the opportunity to get Mom to sign a new set of documents. I am okay with any trustworthy conservator as long as there is transparency. I would love for Mom to come live with me. The local sister plays games and I’m afraid she will not put Mom first. The whole thing is a mess.

  26. As a person (somewhat) newly attending Catholic church, it is weirdly hard to form social connections. There was a ministry fair a while back and one of the tables was the "Newcomers Welcoming Committee," none of whom I had met before despite being pretty new. I went up to greet them, saying, "I'm a newcomer myself!" They were like, "OK." Absolutely zero interest in talking to me. 🤷‍♀️

  27. I think the Protestants are on to something with their small groups. My local church could not be less concerned about the parishioners. I went several times a week, donated, sang on the choir. I was married there, my kids had their sacraments there. When I quit going, not a single call from anyone. I tried to be involved in the community and most people were not interested in anyone outside of their family/close friend group.

  28. Your mom is still young. My husband was suffering from some of the same symptoms. I had him go to a integrative health specialist and they got his hormones adjusted and it’s day and night.

  29. I wish I had done that. It insulates you from some idiot building something you hate way too close to your property like. Seriously. If you can afford it, do it.

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