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  1. Art repeatedly tries to catch Michael by surprise and subdue him. Michael more often than not overpowers Art due to being physically stronger. When Michael is subdued, pulls a second wind before Art can get to work.

  2. “Ozai is more redeemable as he was considerably more passive than Azula throughout the show.”

  3. The argument as I recall, was since Ozai spent most of the series “inactive”, Azula has more crimes under her belt than Ozai; therefore Ozai’s crimes as lesser to Azula’s.

  4. Genuinely one of my favorites of the previous timelines. I do have a few grips, but it doesn't deter my enjoyment of the movie.

  5. I'm doing an rp right now in which Azula is forced to go to one of air temples with Aang as her guardian and simmering feelings between the two suddenly explode after Ty Lee low key plays matchmaker when she, Mai, Zuko and Iroh come to visit.

  6. In my fic - “The Ancient World” the context is wildly different.

  7. Put of these, I’d say the Thorn storyline is one I wouldn’t mind revisiting.

  8. I tried working on Halloween crossover fics in the past, but couldn’t get that far in thinking out the story.

  9. I know this is a joke, but a few years back, I had a Happy Death Day crossover fic in mind, that was more or less this.

  10. Well that’s one nightmare taken care off…but what’s Luz gonna do about that burnt face guy that keeps following Vee around ?

  11. Yeah, I went for MarshPriceChaseField with my fic Timecrawlers and stuck to it.

  12. I haven’t written such a character in any of my GOT related stuff, but when I do write SI’s…they’re usually satirical jabs at toxic fans and such.

  13. Post healing Tyzula being domestic is my kryptonite. Azula being vulnerable with Ty Lee (injection into my veins please, your honor) and only Ty Lee 🥰

  14. For context, this was inspired by my shelved fic, The Ancient World, which I wrote a layout for on my Tumblr Blog. Link to the post

  15. For me, Iroh is in the category of “I love the character, it’s his stans I can’t stans.”

  16. I’m mainly a Tyzula, but I’m open to seeing a (platonic) Azulaang dynamic.

  17. If Big G appeared in a setting like this, most logically it would be in response to the Others.

  18. As I said in another comment, in the story I wrote down, the adult Godzilla's does eventually focus on the Others...but is initially he's just seeking out a Hatchling that was born in the Seven Kingdoms. The Other's become his problem after he reunites with the Hatchling,

  19. I mean…unless he has to, Godzilla is content to just stick to the ocean depths. He only goes to the surface when either humans do something to get his attention/piss him off, or some other Kaiju is stirring shit up.

  20. In the outline I wrote down, what draws (the adult) Godzilla to Westeros is that a hatchling of his species was born North of the Wall from a dormant egg, and has been on the loose in the North for over a year.

  21. Who wants to bet once or twice that Hunter awoke to see Belos similarly doubled over, his voice a slightly higher pitch ?

  22. Amity should be proud. Luz suceeded with a chancla where the KT extinction failed.

  23. "Also, wolf packs as popularly portrayed do no exist. An actual wolf pack is a family consisting of a mating pair and a few generations of their children, as well as adopting unrelated wolves into their family structure to prevent inbreeding."

  24. Never heard of him - in retrospect though, it is kind of weird now that I gave an OC antagonist the surrname "Lonestar" in one of my fics.

  25. A battle royale of every Michael, and the winner get's to fight composite Mike Myers

  26. Would yo believe that was more or less my idea of a Happy Death Day crossover ?

  27. Eh, there's not much too talk about (especially without it feeling like a No Way Home knockoff), but it deals with the multiverse stuff introduced in 2U.

  28. I wouldn't mind a continuation of the Jamie Lloyd timeline. There's two ways I can see it going.

  29. Ten. Around the time ROTS came out, and I did a binge of the OT and the prequels.

  30. You have no idea! For a couple years I kept getting Darth Vader mixed up with Maul!

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